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Pandanet-AGA City League

The City League is an AGA tournament where teams from city’s play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the AGA room. The teams consist of up to five players, out of which three are selected to play in each round.

See current rules for more information at this time.

14 Jul 21 03:26:58

AGA City League Finals and League Winners

Congratulations to all of the players for this year’s Pandanet AGA City League. Each of these teams fought hard in their games to win their leagues. The top two leagues are very tough with the strongest players in the US and Canada. The other two leagues are no slouches either. All of those players battled their many opponents to find out the strongest team across many cities.

The AGA City League Finals will take place on July 23rd at 8pm EST/5pm PST on Pandanet in the AGA City League room. These games will be played between New York City, the reigning champs, and Canwa Vancouver 1. Based on their last matchup this will be an exciting series of games. They will be reviewed starting at 9pm on the AGA Twitch channel with Michael Redmond 9p and Chris Garlock. Make sure to tune in to watch these games and reviews!

Congratulate your cities teams on their winning performances this year:
A League
1/2 – Watch on July 23rd!
3 – Greater Washington
4 – Toronto
5 – Chicago

B League
1 – Boston
2 – Seattle 1
3 – Los Angeles
4 – Chicago 2

C League
1 – Seattle 2
2 – Canwa Vancouver 3
3 – Washington DC 2

D League
1 – North Corvalis
2 – New Mexico
3 – New York City 4

28 Jan 21 03:49:11

Sundays are for watching Go

Pandanet AGA City League Round 3 is this weekend! Sunday January 31st at 3pm EST/12pm PST starts a ton of great go this weekend. Load up Pandanet, head over to the AGA City League and AGA City League (Manual) rooms and grab your snacks. Settle in, find your regional team, and root on your City to win.

01 Dec 20 04:54:58

AGA City League Returns Dec 6

With the return of other sporting leagues so does the Pandanet AGA City League. Sunday December 6th starts the first round of this long running tournament. Watch some of your favorite and local teams battle their opponents from across the US and Canada. If you’re new to the tournament; our A League has a spattering of professionals and top players from across the continent. The B League is super sized this year with many strong teams, avg 6d+ ratings. They’re all going to be fighting hard for that A league promotion. The C league is a 5d-1d selection of teams which will be home to many interesting games. The D League is our handicap league with many strong kyu players. Don’t discount any leagues, there are strong players abound!

The first game was already played Sunday night between Canwa Vancouver 2 vs Greater Washington. Nick Jin and Yuan Zhou put on an exciting first match. They’ll have another match Saturday night 9pm EST/6pm PST. For the rest of the leagues, most will play LIVE Sunday at 3pm EST/12pm PST.

A LeagueB LeagueC LeagueD League

09 Oct 20 01:50:04

AGA City League Year 9 Registration Begins!

Pandanet AGA City League registration begins again for a new year. Registration will be open until Saturday November 15th. The first round will start on December 6th. Please see the updated rules for the year for any questions. Registration and questions can be sent to We hope to see your city compete this year!

01 Aug 20 22:32:09

Pandanet AGA City League Finals this week!

The start of the 2020 e-Go Congress brings a week of exciting tournaments this year. This will end the eighth year of the Pandanet AGA City League. This tournament comes down to the top two teams from the A League: New York City vs Bay Area. A showdown for coastal supremacy between this years teams.

Starting in November we have had four leagues and 31 teams from across the US and Canada. They’ve played once a month since then to find the top teams. The leagues range in ranks from 10 kyu to more than a few professional players. Full list of the rules from this season can be found on the Pandanet page.

This week we will watch the A League Finalists. Each game will take place on the AGA Twitch Channel at 8PM EDT/5PM PDT/9AM JST (Next Morning). The lineup for the three nights of games are:

Monday August 3rd – Board 3 – Zhongfan Jian 7d (NYC) vs Jeremy Chiu 7d (Bay Area)
Wednesday August 5th – Board 2 – Hanchen Zhang 1p (NYC) vs Hajin Lee 4p (Bay Area)
Friday August 7th – Board 1 – Ryan Li 1p (NYC) vs Mingjiu Jiang 7p (Bay Area)

The games will take place in the AGA City League room on Pandanet. Board 3 will nigiri for colors and the other games will alternate colors based on that.

For each of our leagues the winners will be promoted to the next league next year. We look forward to seeing how they will shake up their new leagues next year.
A League:
3rd Place: Greater Washington
4th Place: Canwa Vancouver 1
5th Place: Waterloo 1
B League:
1st Place: Chicago
2nd Place: Waterloo 2
3rd Place: Canwa Vancouver 2
C League:
1st Place: Los Angeles
2nd Place: Montreal
3rd Place: Atlanta
D League:
1st Place: Seattle 2
2nd Place: New Mexico
3rd Place: NY City 2

There will be an informational meeting the second week of congress for the City League. This will be one of the meeting on Saturday August 15th. Full meeting schedules for the week can be found on the Chapters Email list.

League A
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 NY City 7 18 6-0-1 12
2 CanwaVan1 7 15 5-0-2 10
3 Gr. Wash 7 13 4-0-3 8
4 Toronto 7 12 4-0-3 8
5 Chicago 7 9 4-0-3 8
6 Bay Area 7 8 3-0-4 6
7 Ottawa 7 5 1-0-6 2
8 CanwaVan2 7 4 1-0-6 2
League B
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Boston 7 16 7-0-0 14
2 Seattle 1 7 16 5-0-2 10
3 LA 7 13 5-0-2 10
4 Montreal 7 9 3-0-4 6
5 Chicago 2 6 6 2-0-4 4
6 Cincinnati 6 6 2-0-4 4
7 Wash DC 3 6 6 1-0-5 2
8 Atlanta 1 6 5 1-0-5 2
League C
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Seattle 2 7 17 6-0-1 12
2 CanwaVan3 7 15 6-0-1 12
3 Wash DC 2 7 15 5-0-2 10
4 Seattle 4 7 11 4-0-3 8
5 Baltimore 7 7 2-0-5 4
6 Seattle 3 6 7 2-0-4 4
7 NY City 2 5 6 1-0-4 2
8 Atlanta 3 6 0 0-0-6 0
League D
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 N Corvallis 7 18 7-0-0 14
2 New Mexico 7 10 4-0-3 8
3 NY City 4 7 10 4-0-3 8
4 Maine 7 12 3-0-4 6
5 LA 2 7 6 2-0-5 4
6 Cinc. 2 7 7 1-0-6 2