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Pandanet-AGA City League

The City League is an AGA tournament where teams from city’s play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the AGA room. The teams consist of up to five players, out of which three are selected to play in each round.

See current rules for more information at this time.

14 Jul 19 22:03:26

New York City team wins the Pandanet AGA City League Finals

The New York City team swept all three games against the Greater Washington team in the finals at the US Go Congress on Saturday. Ryan Li 1p def Tim Song 1p on Board 1, Hanchen Zhang 1p def Eric Lui 1p on Board 2, Stephanie Yin 1p def Yuan Zhou 7d on Board 3. New York City and Greater Washington were playing each other in the finals for the second year and for the second consecutive year New York City shut out Greater Washington, which has been in the finals for five of the seven years of the tournament. The full results for this tournament can be found on the Pandanet site . Game records are linked above.

TD Steve Colburn presents trophy to the New York City Team: Hanchen Zhang 1p, Ryan li 1p, and Stephanie Yin 1p

The Greater Washington Team: Eric Lui 1p, Tim Song 1p, Yuan Zhou 7d

08 Jul 19 19:06:54

Pandanet AGA City League Finals and Winners

This Saturday will feature the Pandanet AGA City League Finals between New York City and Greater Washington. They will be playing LIVE from the US Go Congress in Madison,Wisconsin at 3pm CST. Find the game on Pandanet in the AGA City League rooms under the accounts AGACL1-3.

There will be a Pandanet AGA City League Meeting during Go Congress on July 18 from 5-6PM in the Humanities 1641 room.

The full list of winners for the City League are
A League:
Winner = New York City
Second = Greater Washington
Third = Waterloo 1
Fourth = Boston
Fifth = Toronto
B League:
Winner = Bay Area
Second = Raleigh
Third = Seattle 1
Fourth = Waterloo 2
C League:
Winner = Cincinati
Second = New York City 2

15 Mar 19 05:12:38

AGA City League Round 5

Sunday starts the fifth round of the Pandanet AGA City League. Watch Sunday as most games will be played starting at 3PM EST in the AGA City League and AGA City League[Manual] Rooms. Check the league schedules to find the times to watch your favorite players. New York City and Greater Washington are in the top spots in the A League. They faced off in the finals last year and are the top teams to watch for. Waterloo and Toronto 1 are at their heels down one match each. The B League has the Bay Area and Raleigh teams apart one GP in the standings. Both of these teams are facing off this weekend which should make for exciting games. The C League is led by the New York 2 team. Followed closely behind are the Baltimore, Columbus, and Cincinnati teams. The Columbus team will be live streaming their games on

12 Feb 19 06:20:30

AGA City League Round 4

This Sunday is the Pandanet City League Round 4. Follow along with your local team to see them win their league! Watch from many of the AGA and US based Professionals. Games will played LIVE at 3PM on Pandanet in the “AGA City League Room”.

13 Nov 18 03:37:24

1st Round of the Pandanet AGA City League this Sunday

The Seventh year of the Pandanet AGA City League starts this Sunday November 18th. Most games will be played at 3PM EST. Check the list of teams or the lineups for the A League, B League, and C League. Watch using the GoPanda2 client from Pandanet for the best experience. All games will be played in the AGA City League and AGA City League (Manual) rooms. Root on your local team to win their league!

League A
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 NY City 7 18 7-0-0 14
2 Gr. Wash 7 15 6-0-1 12
3 Waterloo1 7 15 5-0-2 10
4 Boston 7 10 4-0-3 8
5 Toronto 7 9 3-0-4 6
6 CanwaVan1 7 8 1-0-6 2
7 Ottawa 7 6 1-0-6 2
8 New Jersey 7 3 1-0-6 2
League B
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Bay Area 7 15 6-0-1 12
2 Raleigh 7 14 6-0-1 12
3 Seattle 1 7 14 5-0-2 10
4 Waterloo2 7 13 4-0-3 8
5 Chicago 7 12 4-0-3 8
6 CanwaVan2 7 9 2-0-5 4
7 CanwaVan3 7 2 1-0-6 2
8 Atlanta 1 7 4 0-0-7 0
League C
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Cincinnati 6 11 5-0-1 10
2 NY City 2 6 11 4-0-2 8
3 NY City 3 6 9 3-0-3 6
4 New Mexico 6 9 3-0-3 6
5 Baltimore 6 9 3-0-3 6
6 Columbus 6 8 2-0-4 4
7 Cinc. 2 6 5 1-0-5 2