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Welcome to the Pandanet Internet Go Server, a great place for playing, watching,
studying, and enjoying the game of Go on the internet. At any time, day or night, you can find hundreds of other players from all over the world

and of all

playing levels, from beginners to professionals. Whatever your ability,

you can find opponents of similar skill to play with.

Championship matches for top professional events, including the Meijin, Honinbo, Kisei, Judan and Tengen titles, and the Professional Pair Go

Championship are

broadcasted live, along with great international tournaments like the

Pandanet Go European Team Championship, all for free.

How do I watch professional live games?

  1. Search for the game you want to watch. Usually at the top of the list. If you can’t find it, look for games with many observers.
  2. Open the game like a any other game.
06 Aug 20 10:47:29

2020 e-Go Congress Pair Go Tournament on Pandanet: August 6, 8 PM US Eastern time

The online Pair Go event at the 2020 e-Go Congress will take place on Thursday, August 6 at 8 PM US Eastern time. Please have a look at the tournament website and the Bracket and pairings document for more information.

You must use the newest desktop/laptop version (2.7.4) of the GoPanda2 client released this week. To learn more about the tournament format, game setup, pairings and result submission, check out this tutorial prepared by Benjamin Teuber and Pair Go TD Andrew Zhang. If you are playing in the tournament, please arrive a few minutes before the start of Round 1 to expedite organization.

Both rounds of the top table (4 pairs) will be broadcasted on the official AGA Twitch channel with live commentary provided by Yoonyoung Kim 8p. You may also check out other interesting matchups on other tables!

25 Jun 20 03:36:55

Golden Panda Cup Review: Iyama Yuta 9p vs Mutsuura Yuta 7p, with Michael Redmond 9p

16 Jun 20 08:05:23

Golden Panda Cup Review: Shibano Toramaru 9p vs Ichiriki Ryo 8p, with Michael Redmond 9p

21 Apr 20 06:17:38

Pandanet Teaching Games

Motoki Noguchi 6-dan Grenoble go club, France
Pandanet ID: MotokiN

Cornel Burzo 7-dan from Baia Mare in northern Romania
Pandanet ID: Cornel

Click here for details

05 Feb 20 01:32:58

Professional Pair Go Championship 2020

16 pairs of male and female professional Go players who represent the Japanese Go world will play tournament games, and in the 4th round, the winning pair will be decided. Games from the 1st round to the 1st round will be played at the Nihon Ki-in on February 8, and semifinal round to the final game will be played at the Nihon Ki-in on March 1.

Click here for details

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