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Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship

The Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship is a project that borns from the initiative of Latin American players and officials to have an internet tournament that brings together the top players of the region with the support of Pandanet.

The second season of this championship is fruit of the effort and success we had in the first season and this time the final round will take place in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala during the 2nd Latin American Go Congress on october. Keep updated for more news.

18 May 18 05:43:54

Amazing matches in 5th round of Latin American League


The 5th round of the 2nd Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship witnessed really interesting matches in a moment where the only 2 undefeated teams, a powerful Chile, who came of defeating Argentina on the 3rd round and Mexico, the defending champion, would face each other.

On an early match, on the 3rd board, Chile’s Ignacio Iglesis 2d captured a large group in a rather early stage of the game to Mexico’s Vladimiro González 4d, which gave the first board point to Chile.

Next to finish was the 1st board between Chile’s Avelio Sepulveda 6d and Mexico’s Abraham Florencia 7d where in a swinging game which resembled more of a street fight than a high dan game, Abraham managed to prevail to tie the scores.

At last in the 2nd board, Chile’s Nicolas Schroeter 2d managed to keep a solid lead during most of the game against Mexico’s Emil Garcia 5d, but due time pressure, Nico which was in his last byo-yomi over looked a major cut which allowed Garcia to capture a large group, allowing him to claim the board point and so does the match for Mexico.

Find the kifus of this round here.

Very interesting matches are still to come with 3 teams tied in second place and all looking for a spot on the grand final match which will take place at the 2nd Latin American Go Congress in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala during mid-october 2018.

Follow next round on sunday may 20th 19 hrs UTC-6 on the LatAm Champ Room.

11 Mar 18 19:00:20

Clash of titans on Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship 3rd round

3rd round of the PGLATC will host a great duel between Argentina and Chile who finished in 2nd and 3rd place of the 1st PGLATC respectively.

On the 1st board of this match we will have Argentina’s Fernando Aguilar 7d vs Chile’s Avelio Sepulveda 6d which promises to be a real clash of titans. 2nd and 3rd board of the match are very promising too.

Argentina comes from an unexpected defeat against a powerful Colombia, so they’ll have to try their best to regain position on the table. 3rd round is taking place on March 11th UTC-6, you can check the full teams pairing on:

22 Jan 18 06:31:01

2nd Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship launches this january

After the successful 1st PGLATC which ended in Cancun, Mexico, this 2nd season promises to be full of excitements with the final round taking place in Lima, Peru on october 2018.

This yearly season starts on january 28th with 10 teams on the roster. Be sure to follow the games.

02 Nov 17 23:09:44

Mexico wins final match of 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship


The final match of the 1st PGLATC was played on October 13th, 2017 within the 1st Latin American Go Congress held in Cancun, Mexico.

The teams playing were Argentina vs Mexico in a 3 board match. They won the chance to play an over the board final by finishing 2nd and 1st place respectively in a 10 Latin American country league played in Pandanet. For Argentina the players were: Fernando Aguilar, Santiago Tabares and Luciano Salerno. For Mexico the players were: Abraham Florencia, Emil Garcia and Sebastian Rios (on photo).

A clash of titans took place on the first board between Argentina’s renowned Fernando Aguilar and Mexico’s champion Abraham Florencia, the expertise of Aguilar prevailed giving Argentina the first victory. On the 3rd board Sebastian Rios managed to build a huge moyo on the center giving a win to Mexico which tied the score 1-1. Everything would be decided in the match between Santiago Tabares and Emil Garcia, where Garcia managed to overcome a major mid-game overplay and claim the match for Mexico.

In this way Mexico stands as the 1st PGLATC champion, congratulations!
Thanks for all the support Pandanet gave throughout the league and for the sponsorship for this championship, it was a truly amazing experience for everyone.

Check the live broadcast on youtube of the match here:

And the photo album of the match:

See you next year!

30 Jul 17 02:32:39

Final match of the 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship to be held in Cancun, Mexico

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The over the board final of the 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship will take place on friday October 13th within the 1st Latin American Go Congress which will be held in Cancun, Mexico.

This final will be played between Mexico and Argentina which ended in 1st and 2nd place respectively of the 9 round league between 10 Latin American countries.

The players for each country as of today are:
Mexico: Abraham Florencia, Emil García and Vladimiro González
Argentina: Fernando Aguilar, Santiago Tabares and Luciano Salerno

This final is scheduled at 14:30 hrs. UTC-5 and all 3 boards will be broadcasted in Pandanet.
For more information on the 1st Latin American Go Congress please check:

# Team G BP W-L P
1 Mexico 7 16 7-0 7
2 Chile 7 17 6-1 6
3 Venezuela 7 14 6-1 6
4 Colombia 7 14 5-2 5
5 Argentina 7 12 3-4 3
6 Peru 7 9 3-4 3
7 Brazil 7 9 3-4 3
8 Costa Rica 7 7 1-6 1
9 Ecuador 7 5 1-6 1
10 Guatemala 7 2 0-7 0