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Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship

The Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship is a project that borns from the initiative of Latin American players and officials to have an internet tournament that brings together the top players of the region with the support of Pandanet.

The second season of this championship is fruit of the effort and success we had in the first season and this time the final round will take place in Antigua Guatemala, Guatemala during the 2nd Latin American Go Congress on october. Keep updated for more news.

16 Feb 20 22:57:09

4th Pandanet Latin American Go League launches with an increased roaster of 14 countries

Latin america pandanet

For 2020 two new teams are joining the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship which are Panama and Cuba. This gives a total of 14 countries that are playing in the 4th season of this event, that recently started in January.

Another new feature this season has is that the 14 teams are divided in two leagues, on which top 2 teams on League B are ascending and bottom two teams in League A are descending to the other League respectively at the end of the season.

The League is played to 8 rounds on which every team is playing two rounds with teams of the other league. At the end of the season top tow teams on League A get the chance to play a final match during the 4th Latin American Go Congress Buenos Aires Argentina on October.

2nd Round is taking place on February 16th UTC-6 on the Latin American Team Champ Room in Pandanet.

09 Nov 19 05:42:28

Mexico becomes Pandanet Go Latin American Team Champion for 3rd time in a row

Pandanet brasil

On October 12th during the 3rd Latin American Go Congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil the final match of the 3rd PGLATC took place between Colombia and Mexico on 3 boards.

The first board to finish was the 1st one between Felipe Burgos from Colombia and Abraham Florencia from Mexico on which Abraham managed to capture a large group on an early stage of the game.

On the 2nd board Mexico’s Emil Garcia played Colombia’s Brandal Henao, on which after a sudden invasion by Brandal a rather large group ended up being seized, giving a fair advantage to the Mexican player, which he secured into the end of the game.

On the 3rd board Fernando Manrique from Colombia faced Sebastian Rios from Mexico in what turned out to be a game with some interesting exchanges that in the end favored Sebastian, giving him the victory.

In this way Mexico won the match 3-0, claiming the title for the third time in a row. All three games were broadcasted in Pandanet.

Now everything is getting ready for the 4th PGLATC in which most likely new countries will be joining the league. It’s also worth mentioning that the 4th PGLATC final match will be played during 4th Latin American Go Congress in Buenos Aires, Argentina in 2020, so stay tuned for more updates!

11 Oct 19 21:00:09

Colombia and Mexico to play Pandanet League final match during 3rd Latin American Go Congress in Brazil

Pglatc final

Colombia and Mexico finished as top two teams on the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship, after long 11 rounds on which 12 countries played against each other. This grants this two teams a seat in a final match to be held in Sao Paulo Brasil during the 3rd Latin American Go Congress.

The final will be played on October 12th at 09:00 hrs UTC-3 on three boards:

From Colombia: Juan Burgos, Brandal Henao and Fernando Manrique

From Mexico: Abraham Florencia, Emil García and Sebastián Ríos

Mexico, who has won the two previous championships will be going into its third final.

Follow all three games through Pandanet broadcast and also follow the top board live feed from the Brasil Nihon Kiin twitch channel.

10 Aug 19 20:34:12

Final showdown on Latin American Pandanet League

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After 10 rounds the league stage of the 3rd Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship comes to its final round with a triple tie at the top of the table. On this Pandanet event, the top two teams at the end of the league earn a spot to play a face to face final match during the 3rd Latin American Go Congress in Sao Paolo, Brazil.

So far Brazil, Colombia and Mexico have all 8 points, nonetheless on this final round Brazil will be facing Colombia which most likely imply that only one of them will earn a seat for the final match.

Considering the importance of this final showdown, the Brasil Nihon Kiin will be hosting Zirui Song 1p from the American Go Association for a live game commentary on the Brazil vs Colombia second board match. This match will be played between Brasil’s Feng Wang 5d and Colombia’s Juan David Ramírez 4d. Follow the broadcast on Brazil Nihon Kiin twitch channel on Sunday August 11th at 19:30 hrs GMT-6.

You may also follow all the games of this round directly on the Pandanet client where another very interesting match is taking place: Argentina vs Chile, where both teams have lined up their best players including Argentina’s Fernando Aguilar.

As a conclusion we will have a spectacular closing for the league stage of the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship so don’t miss it!

30 Jun 19 16:44:14

Triple tie and three rounds to go in Latin American Team Championship

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After 8 rounds out of 11, the Latin American League has 3 countries tied with 6 wins. Brazil leads with 19 board points next Colombia with 18 and last Mexico with 16. Three rounds are still to go and tension is greater than ever. The outcome is still to be decided where top two teams will get a seat in the final match during the 3rd Latin American Go Congress in Brazil on mid october.

Follow next round games this Sunday June 30th at 19 hrs UTC-6 on the LatAm room.

League A
# Team G BP W-L P
1 Argentina 8 18 7-1 7
2 Brazil 8 15 6-2 6
3 Peru 8 15 5-3 5
4 Mexico 8 15 5-3 5
5 Colombia 8 15 5-3 5
6 Chile 8 13 4-4 4
7 Venezuela 8 4 1-7 1
League B
# Team G BP W-L P
1 Cuba 8 17 5-3 5
2 Costa Rica 8 16 5-3 5
3 Ecuador 8 12 5-3 5
4 Uruguay 8 10 3-5 3
5 Panama 8 7 2-6 2
6 Guatemala 8 5 2-6 2
7 Dominican 8 6 1-7 1