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Pandanet-AGA City League

The City League is an AGA tournament where teams from city’s play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the AGA room. The teams consist of up to five players, out of which three are selected to play in each round.

See current rules for more information at this time.

04 Aug 15 03:24:35

LA Tops Greater DC to Win 2015 Pandanet AGA City League Finals

In the City of Angels vs. The Beltway Boys, Los Angeles prevailed over Greater Washington in the 2015 Pandanet AGA City League finals last Saturday afternoon at the US Go Congress in St Paul, MN. The top two boards split, with LA winning the Mark Lee (LA) vs Zirui (Tim) Song (GW) game on Board 1 and Eric Lui (GW) defeating Evan Cho (LA) on Board 2 (both on time), making the Danny Ko-Yuan Zhou game the decider. The exciting showdown got even more so when a clock problem on Board 3 forced a game replay on Saturday night. Danny Ko won that game on time, sealing the win for Los Angeles.

Go to the Pandanet web site for all the game records from the rest of the season.

Full results:
A League: 1st – Los Angeles; 2nd – Greater Washington; 3rd – Boston; 4th – Seattle 1
B League: 1st – Bay Area; 2nd – Princeton
C League: 1st – Berkeley; 2nd – Boston 2

Click here for some photos and a short video of the players playing the finals. You can go back and watch the recorded match from Board 1 on <a href=“”YouTube and go through the review by Jennie Shen 2p. Watch for more information this week about registering for the fourth year of this tournament!

28 Jul 15 04:08:21

Pandanet AGA City League Finals this Saturday

With the US Go Congress starting this Saturday August 1, so do the games. Tune in on Pandanet at 3PM in the AGA City League room. We’ll be showing all three games LIVE for Los Angeles vs Greater Washington. The lineup will be:
Board 1: Mark Lee vs Tim Song

Board 2: Evan Cho vs Eric Lui

Board 3: Daniel Ko vs Yuan Zhou

The winner of this tournament will be $5000, runner up will be $2500. Look out soon for news for the next year’s City League registration!

13 May 15 03:27:22

Pandanet-AGA City League Finals at the 2015 US Go Congress


The Pandanet AGA City League has come down to one more match. At the US Go Congress in St Paul, MN, Los Angeles will face off against Greater Washington. Playing for the Los Angeles team (left) will be Mark Lee, Evan Cho, and Daniel Ko. Playing for Greater Washington (right) will be Tim Song, Eric Lui, Yuan Zhou, and Jie Li. These players will face off on Saturday August 1st. Come watch live in person or on Pandanet-IGS.

20 Apr 15 05:01:49

Final round of the Pandanet-AGA City League this weekend

Who will go on to the finals of the Pandanet City League championship at the US Go Congress?

In the A League, Boston won their match in the last round making the race for the top very tight. Los Angeles, Greater Washington, and Boston each have 6 points each, but LA and Gr Washington both are outscoring with 9 board points. In this last match up none of the top teams will face each other. Which team will come out on top and travel to the Twin Cities in their last head-to-head match up?

The B League will have a tough fight for second place as it stands now. NC Raleigh and Bay Area are two board points behind Princeton. In the final round Raleigh faces off against the undefeated Princeton for the B League championship. Will Princeton come out on top or will Raleigh and Bay Area kick their games into high gear and make it a tight race?

The C League is also fighting for its second place winner. Berkeley has become a runaway running all of their matches by 2-1 against their opponents. Atlanta 2, DC Team 3, and Boston 2 will have tough matches in the last round.

Make sure to watch LIVE games on Pandanet on Sunday April 26th in the AGA City League and AGA City League (Manual) rooms. Check out the latest client from Pandanet. Away from your computer when the games are going on? Download the Pandanet (Go) app for Android and iOS!

08 Apr 15 03:12:54

City League Results of Round 4

Pandanet City League has been going strong for four rounds now. With a couple more games and one more round to go, at least one league is cutting the top positions close.

The A League has Greater Washington and Boston in the lead with 6 points each. As they faced off this past round GW got the better of Boston but theyre holding on from previous wins. Hot on their tails is LA and Seattle 1. LA still has one game left to play and they will most likely be in playoff contention.

The B and C Leagues have pull away leaders in Princeton and Berkeley. Both teams are new this year with strong players behind them. They lead their leagues with 8 points each. The next team is currently at 4 points each.

A League:
Greater Washington def Boston (3-0), Seattle 1 def San Francisco 1 (3-0), Los Angeles def Canwa Vancouver 1 (3-0)

B League:
Princeton def Katy, TX 1 (3-0), Bay Area def Canwa Vancouver 2 (3-0), NC Raleigh def Washington DC 2 (3-0)

C League:
Boston 2 def New Orleans (2-1), Atlanta 2 def Atlanta 1 (2-1), SF Bay Area/Berkley def DC Team 3 (3-0)

League A
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 LA 5 12 4-0-1 8
2 Gr. Wash 5 12 4-0-1 8
3 Boston 5 8 4-0-1 8
4 Seattle 1 5 6 2-0-3 4
5 CanwaVan1 5 5 1-0-4 2
6 SF 1 5 2 0-0-5 0
League B
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Bay Area 5 11 4-0-1 8
2 Princeton 4 9 4-0-0 8
3 Raleigh 4 8 3-0-1 6
4 Wash DC 2 4 5 1-0-3 2
5 CanwaVan2 4 4 1-0-3 2
6 Katy 1 5 1 0-0-5 0
League C
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Berkeley 4 9 4-0-0 8
2 5 8 3-0-2 6
3 DC Team 3 5 7 3-0-2 6
4 Atlanta 2 5 7 2-0-3 4
5 Atlanta 1 5 6 1-0-4 2
6 New Orleans 4 5 1-0-3 2