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Webcam Rules and FAQ

The AGA has implemented webcam rules for all leagues in the 10th season of play (2021-2022). This is due to the advances of AI being more available and incidents occurring during play. This page will outline the webcam rules and the FAQs from players and captains about using the webcams.

See AGA Webcam rules for this tournament

What if I do not have two cameras?
Apply the same rules as above. The side camera as pictured in the rules takes priority over the face-facing webcam. One camera is mandatory for the A and B Leagues. If you have the ability to use two cameras it is encouraged,

I am having issues with one camera. Do I have to use one?
If you are having issues and cannot use a camera or do not want to use one fill out this form. This will track who is opting out of the webcam rules. Both players need to agree to opt-out for each round. By opting out of using webcams during the league you agree to forfeit the right to have a full AI review process as outlined in the AGA Fairplay Online Go Tournament Rules and Procedures. If there needs to be a review of a game, the TD will perform a review of the game and respond to the allegation. The decision by the TD is final.


I only have a laptop and do not have a webcam. Can I use something else as a second camera?
You can use your phone or tablet to act as the second camera to record yourself.

Should I record the match?
You may. If you wish to record the match, make sure your opponent consents before recording. In the USA, different states have different laws on consenting to record. State-by-state laws can be found within this document. Canadian players should make sure they confirm with the opponent before recording.

Video Call Service Time Limits
Some services for calls with webcams have time limits. This list tracks what is available for long calls that will be needed for playing go against your opponent. This list will be updated when there is new information for a service.
Zoom free edition: This is recommended in the updated rules. Zoom free allows for 40 minutes of connectivity between two people. If you are using this it will cut you off at 40 minutes. This is not the best option.
Zoom paid edition: This does not have a time limit
Skype, Google Meet, Facebook Messenger: These do not have time limits. Many of you have gmail and can use Meet to connect with your opponents.
Other services: If you have a service you use please let me know so we can track and investigate how long they will let you use the service in a call for.

Updated 1/8/2022