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Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship

The 1st Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship is starting on the 20th of November of 2016, with 10 teams. This tournament marks a milestone in the Latin American Go History where national teams play in a round robin system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the room LatinAmericanTeamChamp. The teams consist of up to 8 players, out of which three are selected to play in each round.

14 Mar 17 18:54:07

Mexico to organize 1st Latin American Go Congress

Logo oficial amgo

While the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship (PGLATC) goes past half season, the Ibero American Go Federation (FIG) has chosen the Mexican Go Association (AMGO) as the host Association for this year’s Ibero American Go Championship (CIG), the biggest Go event of the Latin American region which will take place in October.

“Since this year the host country of the CIG also has to host the final of the 1st PGLATC we came up with the idea of organizing a bigger event that included this 2 events plus some more activities for the attendees, that’s how we came up with the idea of running the 1st Latin American Go Congress” Emil García, president of the AMGO reports.

With 4 rounds remaining for the PGLATC, Mexico leads with a perfect 5-0 score, with Argentina and Colombia on its heels with a 4-1 record. The final rounds will prove to be real challenges as the top 2 teams at the end of the league will get to go to Mexico sponsored by Pandanet to play an over the board final to claim this Championship.

5th round is scheduled for Sunday, march 26th at 19 hrs UTC-6, follow it on GoPanda2 in the LatinAmericaTeamChamp room. Check this round pairings in the Pandanet Latin American League website.

14 Mar 17 19:43:23

México organizará el 1er Congreso Latinoamericano de Go

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Mientras la Liga Latinoamericana de Go por Equipos en Pandanet (PGLATC) pasa por la mitad de la temporada, la Federación Iberoamericana de Go (FIG) designó a la Asociación Mexicana de Go (AMGO) como la anfitriona del Campeonato Iberoamericano de Go (CIG) de este año, el cual se realizará del 13 al 15 de octubre.

“Dado que este año el país anfitrión del CIG también deberá ser anfitrión de la final del PGLATC, se nos ocurrió la idea de organizar un evento más grande que englobe estos 2 eventos aunado a algunas actividades adicionales para los asistentes, así es como tuvimos la idea de organizar el 1er Congreso Latinoamericano de Go” reporta Emil García, presidente de la AMGO.

Con 4 rondas faltantes en el PGLATC, Mexico encabeza la tabla con un marcador perfecto de 5-0, con Argentina y Colombia pisándole los talones con un record de 4-1. Las rondas finales probarán ser todo un reto considerando que los 2 mejores países al final de la liga viajarán a Mexico patrocinados por Pandanet para jugar una final sobre el tablero para clamar este título.

La 5ta ronda esta programada para el domingo 26 de marzo a las 19 hrs. UTC-6, síganla en GoPanda2 en la sala LatinAmericaTeamChamp. Revisen los pareos de la ronda en el sitio de la Liga Latinoamericana de Pandanet.

30 Jan 17 16:28:15

Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship reloads this 2017

January 29th was the date for the first match of the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship on this 2017. The Championship 3rd round witnessed 5 team matches between the 10 participating countries: Colombia vs Brazil, Mexico vs Peru, Argentina vs Guatemala, Ecuador vs Costa Rica and Chile vs Venezuela.

With the first teams in each bracket winning by a 3-0 score, the positions table places Colombia on the top with one more board point than Mexico who has the same match points.

6 rounds are still to come for this championship with 4th round taking place on February 12th 19 hrs UTC -6 on the LatinAmericanTeamChamp room. You can check the whole info on the Pandanet website.

As in other Pandanet leagues, at the end of the season the top two teams will get the chance to play an over the board final on the country that gets chosen as host of the IberoAmerican Championship 2017 with travel expenses sponsored by Pandanet.

09 Dec 16 18:10:51

Latin America launches its own Pandanet Team Championship

Pandanet latin champ

10 countries affiliated to the IberoAmerican Go Federation have gotten together to launch the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship, firs in its type for the Latin American region.

Argentina, Brazil, Costa Rica, Chile, Colombia, Ecuador, Guatemala, Mexico, Venezuela and Peru are the 10 teams participating in this round robin league. With over 60 players registered, teams are made up of maximum 8 players, with 3 members per team playing in each round.

The league started in late november 2016 and ends in june 2017. The top two teams at the end of the league will get to play an over the board final sponsored by Pandanet in the country that gets chosen by the Ibero American Go Federation to be the host of the Ibero American Go Championship, the biggest Go event of the Latin American region around october 2017.

“This tournament marks a milestone for Latin American Go”, webmaster Leon Rios from Peru reports. “Europe and the US are making great achievements in their Go development, Latin America can not stay behind in this Go boom the western world is experiencing. Most captains and players are from a new generation of Go players eager to learn and share through this game, undoubtedly this event will be a huge success”, league manager Emil García from Mexico comments.

Round 2 takes place on Sunday december 11th 19 hrs UTC-6 with a very interesting match between Fernando Aguilar 6d from Argentina facing Abraham Florencia 5d from Mexico, both former Ibero American champions.

Keep following the event’s website for updates and results.

# Team G BP W-L P
1 Mexico 8 21 8-0 8
2 Argentina 8 19 7-1 7
3 Chile 8 17 6-2 6
4 Colombia 8 17 6-2 6
5 Brazil 8 14 5-3 5
6 Venezuela 8 8 3-5 3
7 Ecuador 8 9 2-6 2
8 Guatemala 8 6 2-6 2
9 Peru 8 4 1-7 1
10 Costa Rica 8 5 0-8 0