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Welcome to the Pandanet Internet Go Server, a great place for playing, watching, studying, and enjoying the game of Go on the internet. At any time, day or night, you can find hundreds of other players from all over the world and of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals. Whatever your ability, you can find opponents of similar skill to play with.

Championship matches for top professional events, including the Meijin, Honinbo, Kisei, Judan and Tengen titles, and the Professional Pair Go Championship are broadcasted live, along with great international tournaments like the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, all for free.

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Friday August 1-
Monday September 15
2014 SportAccord-Pandanet Cup Online Go Tournament Registration.
August 27
Kansai-Kiin: The 40th Meijin title, Preliminary round A, Kiyonari Tetsuya 9p.vs. Furuya Yutaka 8p.
August 29
39th Gosei title match, 5th game, Iyama Yuta Gosei vs. kono Rin 9p.
August 31
Gu Li 9p vs Lee Sedol 9p Jubango live broadcast: 7th game.
20 Jun 14 02:33:11

The 39th Gosei title match

The 39th Gosei is being broadcast live on GoPanda2 client.

Defending champion is Iyama Yuta Gosei and challenger is Kono Rin 9p. The time limit is four hours each.

  • The first game: June 26th (Thu). Kono Rin won, B+Resign.
  • The second game: July 20th (Sun). Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The third game: August 11th (Mon). Iyama Yuta won, W+Resign.
  • The fourth game: August 25th (Mon). Kono Rin won, W+Resign.
  • The fifth game: August 29rd (Fri).
24 Jan 14 09:18:00

Big Jubango - Lee Sedol 9p vs Gu Li 9p

Two of the world’s top Go players – Lee Sedol 9p (Korea) and Gu Li 9p (China) – will be playing a jubango throughout 2014.
Both Lee and Gu were born in 1983, and became pros in 1995.
Pandanet is broadcasting live all 10 games !

Live broadcast  
Game 7 (Lhasa)
August 31 (Sun) 1:00am (GMT) / 10:00am local time
Lee Sedol 9p  -  Gu Li 9p
GoPanda2(Ver.2.3.0) or Panda-Tetsuki is required to watch the games.
GoPanda2 for PC  -  Download (free)
Panda-Tetsuki for iOS and android  -  Download (free)
You can watch the moves only on Panda-Tetsuki. If you want to enjoy the commentary by Myungwan Kim 9p, please download GoPanda2.
Outline of Big Jubango
  • Sponsor MLily will award the first player to win six games with 5 million RMB (approximately 820,000 USD).
  • The other player will receive a consolation prize of 200,000 RMB (approximately 33,000 USD).
  • If the score is tied 5-5, the prize will be split without a tie-breaker.
  • The time allowance is hour hours, plus five minutes of thinking time, to be used in one-minute units. minutes.
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Lee Sedol 4  :  Gu Li 2

Game 1: January 26, in Beijing – Lee Sedol B+R
Game 2: February 23, in Shanghai – Lee Sedol W+1.5
Game 3: March 30, in Chengdu, Sichuan – Gu Li W+R
Game 4: April 27, in Korea – Gu Li B+R
Game 5: May 25, in Shangri-La, Yunnan – Lee Sedol B+R
Game 6: July 27, in Liuan, Anhui – Lee Sedol W+R
Game 7: August 31, in Lhasa
Game 8: September 28, in Chongqing
Game 9: October 26, in Hong Kong
Game 10: November 30 in Wuhu, Anhui

22 Aug 14 02:47:06

EGC report by Cornel Burzo

The 58th European Go Congress (EGC) was held in Sibiu, Romania from July26th till August 9th.

The location chosen for this big European Go event was Ramada 4 star Hotel in the city center of Sibiu which is one of the most touristic cities in Romania and also a cultural center being designated as European Cultural Capital in 2007.

Almost 500 players and approx 25 professional from Japan, Korea China and Europe attended the EGC this year and made the main event a very tough competition . For a complete result list of the Open Championship see

With 6 wins and 4 losses scored in the main event I tied for 12th place which was quite a decent result regarding the strong field of the tournament won by Yulin Tong 4p of China.

There were many side events taking place in the 2 weeks at EGC and most of them were won by strong amateurs or pro players from China as well, in the rapid tournament I managed to finish 5th overall and 3rd among europeans, see final standings here :

Another big side event during EGC was the Pair-Go Championship sponsored by World Pair Go Association and Japan Pair Go Association and gathered about 90 pairs who played in 2 groups, the even and handicap blocks.

I joined this event with my 1d partner Adelina Sora but we didn’t qualify in top 32 knock-out after losing 2 out of 3 games in groups against strong pairs consisting of pro players but it was a great learning experience. The final results :

Playing EGC is not all about Go competition but also a good opportunity to make friends all over the world and have a good time in front of the goban or having a drink and a good chat to forget about the tournament pressure.
In hope for better results at EGC 2015 next year in Liberec, Cz Republic I am going to train harder replaying pro games and of course playing rated games on IGS-Pandanet.

Written by Cornel Burzo
29 Jul 14 11:01:08

2014 SportAccord-Pandanet Cup Online Go Tournament

* Registration : August 1st to September 15th

Click here to participate in this tournament.

Tournament Outline

*This tournament serves as the 19th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament concurrently.

  • Tournament name: 2014 SportAccord-Pandanet Cup Online Go Tournament
  • Organiser: The International Go Federation , Pandanet Inc.
  • Special cooperation: SportAccord , World Pair Go Association
  • System cooperation: Pandanet Inc.


There are four categories. One is the Main Class and the others are Ranked Classes (A-C Classes).

  • Main Class (You can participate in the Main Class regardless of your Go strength.)
  • A Class (2d – 3k)
  • B Class (4k – 7k)
  • C Class (8k – 17k)

*If you are 3d or above, your class will be Main Class automatically.
*People who hope to participate in A~C Class and have not been confirmed of their rank by Pandanet, need to play at least 20 games and be confirmed of their rank by September 15. If a question mark appears next to the rank, it means the rank has not been officially confirmed by Pandanet.

Playing Rules

Time allowance

The time allowance is 10 minutes per side,
with overtime of 25 moves every 15minutes
Playing Conditions

All games are played even,
with Black giving a komi of 6.5 points
Color Colors are determined by the system automatically


Preliminary Rounds

  • Participants play freely at least six games in their Class room during the Preliminary Rounds. Participants are not allowed to play with the same person twice.
  • The top 64 players from the Main Class and the top 16 players, selected from the Ranked Classes can proceed to the Final Rounds.

*Selection into the Final Rounds is based on ranking, see below. In addition, ranking comparison is decided within each of the three regional groups (Asia & Oceania, Europe & Africa, North and South America).
*Main Class 64 players (Asia & Oceania 32, Europe & Africa 16, North and South America 16)
*A-C Class 16 players each Class (Asia & Oceania 8, Europe & Africa 4, North and South 4)

The ranking is determined by points in descending order.

  1. 1. Points = W / N + W * 0.02 (W = number of wins, N = number of games played)
    Example: you win 3 out of 6 games, you collect 3/6 + 3 * 0.02 = 0.56 points.
    Example: you win 4 out of 8 games, you collect 4/8 + 4 * 0.02 = 0.58 points.
  2. With tied points, player with higher number of wins is ranked higher.
  3. With tied points and wins, player with higher number of SOS (sum of opponents’ score) is ranked higher.
  4. With tied points, wins, and SOS, the players are ranked equal.

[ Click here for details ]

Final Rounds

  • In the Final Rounds, single eliminations are played until a champion is determined. The organizer decides the playing combination in a drawing. In the Main Class, 1st and 2nd are regional rounds and 3rd to 6th rounds are rounds with mixed groups. In the Ranked Classes, all rounds are rounds with mixed groups.

[ Click here for details ]


August 1 (Fri) – September 15 (Mon) Registration
September 24 (Wed) – October 14 (Tue) Preliminary Rounds
October 20 (Mon) – October 30 (Thu) Final Rounds by region(Main Class only)
November 4 (Tue) – November 15 (Sat) Final Rounds (All Classes)

Preliminary Rounds Schedule

Participants can play freely at any time during the Preliminary Rounds period.

Final Rounds Schedule(Main Class only)

DateTimeMain Class
Oct 20 (Mon)See below Playing pairings will be update on the Pandanet web site
Oct 28 (Tue)See below1st round
Oct 30 (Thu)See below2nd round

Final Rounds Schedule(All Classes)

DateTimeMain ClassA-C Classes
Nov 4 (Tue)See below Playing pairings will be update on the Pandanet web site
Nov 7 (Fri)See below3rd round1st round
Nov 9 (Sun)See below4th round2nd round
Nov 11 (Tue)See below5th round3rd round
Nov 13 (Thu)See belowSemi-finalsSemi-finals
Nov 15 (Sat)See belowFinalFinal
*NOTE: The playing time changes according to your opponent’s regional group.

Asia & Oceania vs. Asia & Oceania:JST 8:00pm (GMT 11:00am)
Europe & Africa vs. Europe & Africa:CEST 8:00pm (GMT 6:00pm)
North and South America vs. North and South America:PDT 8:00pm (GMT 3:00am on the following day)

Asia & Oceania vs. Europe & Africa:JST 8:00pm, CEST 1:00pm (GMT 11:00am)
North and South America vs. Asia & Oceania:PDT 8:00pm, JST 12:00pm on the following day (GMT 3:00am on the following day)
Europe & Africa vs. North and South America:CEST 8:00pm, PDT 11:00am (GMT 6:00pm)

*JST=Japan Standard Time (GMT+9)
CEST=Central European Summer Time (GMT+2)
PDT=Pacific Daylight Time (GTM-7)


Requirements for Participation

  • Participant must be an amateur Go player.
  • Participant must be able to communicate by email in English.
  • People who hope to participate in A~C Class and have not been confirmed of their rank by Pandanet, need to play at least 20 games and be confirmed of their rank by September 15. If a question mark appears next to the rank, it means the rank has not been officially confirmed by Pandanet.
  • Participants in the Main Class are not required to have their rank verified.
  • Players in the BC (beginner class) are not allowed to participate.


  • All games must be exclusive played on the Pandanet server. Please use Pandanet’s official client, GoPanda2 or Panda-Tetsuki. (Panda-Tetsuki is for iOS and android.)
  • Please play in the official Pandanet tournament room.
  • Please play games by yourself. Taking advice from a third person, or playing by a third person, is against the rules.
  • In principle, your games should be played from your home. Please let the organizer know in advance in case you want to play at another location other than your home, such as a Go club where many people gather. The organizer may check the origin of your Internet connection.
  • If you lower your rank intentionally by losing games before the tournament, you will not be allowed to participate.
  • Please exchange greetings when starting and finishing your games. Insulting comments are strictly prohibited. If you are treated impolitely, please let the organizers know.
  • Please resign the game if you think there is no hope of winning, instead of dragging out the game.
  • Likewise, please don’t tell your opponent to resign, even if your opponent is clearly losing. However, please let the organizers know if your opponent keeps playing useless moves and does not finish the game.
  • When the organizers finds out that you have violated the rules, you may be disqualified, even if the game result has been confirmed.

Participation Fee

Free of charge


There are prizes for all classes, as well as up to five special lottery prizes for anyone who finish the first round, no matter how they performed.

The lottery prizes will include at least one iPad or equivalent.

For the main class, there will be prizes for the top 16 finishers, including a top prize of USD 3,000 or equivalent (if regulations prohibit cash prizes, we will use equivalent).

For classes A-C, there will be prizes for the top 8 finishers in each class.

15 Jun 11 22:35:43

Kansai Kiin live broadcasts

Pandanet is broadcasting weekly matches from Kansai Kiin.

Monday August 25: The 58th Kansai Kiin Championship,Round 3, Fujii Shuya 7p.vs. Yo Seiki 7p. Result: Yo Seiki won, W+Resign.

Wednesday August 27: The 40th Meijin title, Preliminary round A, Kiyonari Tetsuya 9p.vs. Furuya Yutaka 8p.

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