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Welcome to the Pandanet Internet Go Server, a great place for playing, watching, studying, and enjoying the game of Go on the internet. At any time, day or night, you can find hundreds of other players from all over the world and of all playing levels, from beginners to professionals. Whatever your ability, you can find opponents of similar skill to play with.

Championship matches for top professional events, including the Meijin, Honinbo, Kisei, Judan and Tengen titles, and the Professional Pair Go Championship are broadcasted live, along with great international tournaments like the Pandanet Go European Team Championship, all for free.

On Pandanet this and the next Weeks

February 6
Professional Pair Go Championship 2016: 1st round – Semi final
Monday February 8-
Sunday February 28
The 20th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament
Final Rounds (All Classes)
February 10
The 64th Oza title, Preliminary round A, Final, Sakai Hideyuki 8p.vs. U Boi 2p.
09 Nov 15 01:46:07

Tournament Outline

Organizer : the 20th Pandanet Cup Internet World Amateur Go Tournament
Organiser : Pandanet Inc.
Sponsorship : The International Go Federation
Special cooperation : World Pair Go Association

Click here for details

12 Jan 16 02:11:06

16 pairs of male and female professional Go players who represent the Japanese Go world will play tournament games, and in the 4th round, the winning pair will be decided. Games from the 1st round to the semifinal round will be played at the Nihon Ki-in, and there will be commentaries using a large demonstration board. The final game will be played in the studio of IGO & SHOGI CHANNEL and broadcast at a later date.

Round1 – Final : Click here for details

15 Jun 11 22:35:43

Kansai Kiin live broadcasts

Pandanet is broadcasting weekly matches from Kansai Kiin.

Wednesday February 10: The 64th Oza title, Preliminary round A, Final, Sakai Hideyuki 8p.vs. U Boi 2p.

Previous results

How to watch

12 Nov 15 01:48:22

Internet Broadcast of the Final : 16:00 (JPN time) December 6 (Sun), 2015
[ IAPG Cup Winner ] Yujin & Hongsuk pair (Korea)
[ JAPG Cup Winner ] Oda & Nagayo pair (Japan)

Round1 – Final : All Results are here

[ Explanation of Championship ]
A five-round Swiss System tournament will be played by 32 pairs, made up of 31 pairs representing 20 overseas countries and territories and eight regions of Japan and the winning pair in the Pandanet Qualifying Tournament held by the Internet Go Salon Pandanet.

[ Prizes ]
First Place : IAPG CUP, Certificate, Medal, Prize
Second Place : Certificate, Medal, Prize
Third Place : Certificate, Medal, Prize
4th to 8th Place : Certificate, Prize
Best Japanese Pair : JAPG CUP, Medal, Prize

09 Sep 15 02:41:19

63rd Oza Title Match

The match for the 63rd Oza title starts on October 20th.

Defending champion is Murakawa Daisuke Oza. and challenger is Iyama Yuta 9p. The match is best of five games, so three wins are required to secure the title.

How to watch

  • The first game: October 20 (Tue). Iyama Yuta won, B+0.5.
  • The second game: November 12 (Thu). Iyama Yuta won, W+Resign.
  • The third game: November 19 (Thu). Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The fourth game: December 3 (Thu).
  • The fifth game: December 10 (Thu).

Iyama Yuta Won the Oza title!

All rounds start at 10:00 (Japan Time), i.e., 02:00 CEST. The time limit is three hours each.

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