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Pandanet-AGA City League

The City League is an AGA tournament where teams from city’s play in a league system on the Pandanet-IGS server in the AGA room. The teams consist of up to five players, out of which three are selected to play in each round.

See current rules for more information at this time.

08 Jun 16 21:59:39

And the winners are...

A League:
Finals: Greater Washington vs Canwa Vancouver 1
3rd: Los Angeles
4th: Boston
5th: Princeton

B League
1st: Washington DC 2
2nd: Edmonton
3rd: New Jersey
4th: San Francisco 1

C League
1st: Atlanta 2
2nd: Boston 3

On Saturday July 30th Greater Washington will face Canwa Vancouver 1 at the US Go Congress. They each are vying for the $5000 first place prize and a very large trophy. The game will be broadcast on the AGA Youtue Channel and reviewed by Hajin Lee 3p. Watch this space for the finals lineup.

29 May 16 13:12:02

Nick Sibicky reviews Eric Lui vs Ricky Zhao

Nick Sibicky spent some time going over the seventh round match between Eric Lui 1p vs Ricky Zhao 7d. The last time they matched up against each other was the Maryland Open in 2015. Watch this exciting review below.

16 May 16 21:48:41

Final rounds of the AGA City League this Sunday

The last round of the Pandanet AGA City League is this Sunday May 22nd. Each of these teams has played six exciting rounds so far with one more and the finals to go. Play starts at 3pm EST/12pm PST on Sunday unless otherwise noted on the schedule pages. Schedules: A League / B League / C League

Vancouver has climbed slightly ahead of Greater Washington in the A League. They are 5-1 each against the rest of the field. With two professionals for each team (Chinese and American professionals), play has shown the strength of their players. Los Angeles has been hot on their heels all year with Boston one game behind them.

Washington DC 2 has taken a commanding lead all year with their undefeated streak. Edmonton has taken one loss this year. We’ll have to see who leads the middle of the pack between Washington DC 1, New Jersey, and San Francisco 1.

The C League is led by Atlanta 2, followed by Boston 3, and Atlanta 1.

05 Feb 16 09:47:42

AGA City League Round 3 results

As the third round of the Pandanet AGA City League closes out we have some leaders emerging from the packs. In League A the Greater Washington and Canwa Vancouver 1 teams have always been at the top of the leader boards. Both teams are undefeated in their league. Los Angeles, two time winners, are in third place at this point. Washington DC 2 has come out strong this year leading with three wins so far. Coming closely behind is Washington DC 1 and San Francisco 1. League C has Atlanta 2 leading with the third round. Their opponents have some catching up to do for the last four rounds. Boston 3 is close behind Atlanta 2.

Watch Hajin Lee 3p review two games from the A League. This round she looked at new 1p Eric Lui’s game against Edward Kim 7d and Bill Lin’s win over AGA professional exam contender Aaron Ye. Learn why joseki is important throughout the game in this video.

17 Jan 16 19:08:00

Round 3 of the AGA City League on Sunday January 24th

Round three of the AGA CIty League is on January 24th at 3PM EST. Throughout the day you can catch your local and favorite players from around the US and Canada. Check the schedules for each league to see when they are playing:
League A, League B, League C.

Round three will have a game review from Hajin Lee 3p. Watch all of the live coverage on Pandanet app on your Windows, OSX, linux 32bit and 64bit, iOS, or android. Games will be played in the ‘AGA City League’ and ‘AGA City League (Manual)’ Rooms.

League A
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 CanwaVan1 7 17 6-0-1 12
2 Gr. Wash 7 15½ 6-0-1 12
3 LA 7 13 5-0-2 10
4 Boston 7 11 4-0-3 8
5 Bay Area 7 3-0-4 6
6 Princeton 7 9 2-0-5 4
7 Seattle 1 7 6 2-0-5 4
8 CanwaVan2 7 0 0-0-7 0
League B
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Wash DC 2 7 15 7-0-0 14
2 Edmonton 7 14 5-0-2 10
3 New Jersey 7 13 4-1-2 9
4 SF 1 7 13 4-1-2 9
5 Wash DC 1 7 13 4-0-3 8
6 Boston 2 7 5 1-0-6 2
7 Raleigh 7 5 1-0-6 2
8 Berkeley 7 4 1-0-6 2
League C
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Atlanta 2 6 14 5-0-1 10
2 Boston 3 6 11 4-0-2 8
Atlanta 1 6 11 4-0-2 8
4 Seattle 2 6 8 3-0-3 6
5 Boston 4 6 7 2-1-3 5
6 Burlington 6 5 1-1-4 3
7 Boston 5 6 4 1-0-5 2