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GoPanda 2 is a modern client to Pandanet that runs in the browser. It features a clean, intuitive user interface that allows you to play, talk, and connect with thousands of players on Pandanet easily.

Download GoPanda 2.4
Windows (Windows 7 or higher)
Macintosh (OSX 10.7 or higher)
Linux 64 Bit or Linux 32 Bit
For questions about GoPanda2, go to the FAQ

You can help us by reporting bugs, crashes and unexpected behavior. Please describe what you were doing when the bug occured and what exactly happend, including the error message generated by the client.

Please contact us at:

We need translators for the new version! If you are interested in translating GoPanda2 to your language, you can now apply directly from within the client! Use the upper right menu!

Please note that development on the previous client, GoPanda 1, has stopped. However, you can still find it here.

07 Apr 14 14:12:53

GoPanda 2.3 released

Today we have released version 2.3 of GoPanda2 with many new features:

  • Remember Password checkbox in login menu.
  • You can be in multiple rooms at the same time.
  • Score Estimator available in Review and Observe.
  • Score Assist will help you mark dead stones during counting.
  • Help videos to get you started with GoPanda2.
  • Reviews and broadcasts are now displayed differently in the game list.
  • The Review list has been removed – use the normal game list instead.
  • Bugs fixes and minor changes.

There are some reports of videos not working in the client, if that is the case for you, you can view them at youtube instead

As usual, please report any issues you might find, so we can fix them as soon as possible.

03 Jan 14 11:48:41

GoPanda2 Version 2.2.0 released

This is a major update, including support for translations previously only available in the beta version, an integrated translation editor to apply and translate directly from the client. Other changes are:

  • Full Pairgo support
  • Better integrated bugreports
  • Scroll wheel support in games and other usability fixes
  • Can now send messages to offline players
  • Can now search for and interact with players by name
  • Improved SGF upload speed

and many other smaller bugfixes and changes. As usual, feedback is very welcome. Even though we might need a while to answer at the moment, we try to read every mail. Bugs are best reported directly from the client.

29 May 13 13:12:45

Bugfix - Connection Problems

We just released a hotfix for a problem that has prevented users with a new account from connecting to IGS using GoPanda2. If you have been affected, please try connecting now and contact us if the problem persists.

EDIT: There seems to be another Bug affecting WinXP users. We haven’t found the reason yet. If you are affected, we recommend upgrading to a more recent version of windows, or using GoPanda1 until we fixed it.

28 Apr 13 22:53:51

New installment of GoPanda2 ready for testing!

Aside from a ton of bugfixes and new features, we also moved away from java as the supporting technology. The new client handles like a native app, and doesn’t rely on any specific browser being installed anymore. There will be a no installation, web-only version too but we have to do some preparatory work before we get there.

To use the new client, just download the archive for your system, extract it to a destination of your choice, and run GoPanda2.
You can find them here:
| Windows | Macintosh | Linux 32 Bit | Linux 64 Bit |

This client downloads updates automatically, but we don’t have the manpower to test this and the other new features properly. Please tell us if you run into problems, and as always, mail your criticism, ideas and suggestions to us:
Thanks, and we hope you enjoy using the new and improved client!