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Last Rounds

It’s time for the last rounds in the 5th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Leagues. The League A will play the 9th and the last round on Tuesday 19th May. The placing in the top four as well as in the lower half are yet to be decided.

The League B will enter its 11th round on Tuesday 26th May with positions almost settled, or is there any place for surprises?

The League C will complete its schedule on Tuesday 2nd June. The second qualifier for the next year’s League B still needs to work out for the success.

League A Round 9 Pairings and Results – Tuesday 19 May
League B Round 11 Pairings and Results – Tuesday 26 May
League C Round 11 Pairings and Results – Tuesday 2 June

All games take place on Pandanet/IGS, EuroTeam Champs Room. For the best view, download GoPanda 2 client.