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“The King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei”

“The King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei” is a system for assessing the life and death of groups; it features an epoch-making AI program that surpasses previous conventional wisdom.

Unlike previous life-and-death applications, this program has installed in it “The King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei,” an AI system for assessing life and death, so it can accurately deal with any move. If you input a life-and-death problem you don’t understand, Panda Sensei will give you the answer. Whatever the move, it will analyse it to your satisfaction, so it is prefect for improving your Go strength.

How about trying out “The King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei”?

To download “ Life and Death ~ Let’s Ask Panda Sensei”, which includes the application “The King of Tsumego: Panda Sensei”, click here

Life and Death Judgement System for Go Game
U.S. Patent No.10265617

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