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The 1st SportAccord World Mind Games in Beijing -Go Competition-

* Team:December 9th(Fri) – 14th(Wed) / Pair Go:December 15(Thu) – 16(fri)

The first edition of the SportAccord World Mind Games will take place from 8-16 December 2011 in Beijing, China. Pandanet will make reports from the games.

Live Relay is from here

Date / Venue

December 8th(Thu)-16th(Fri)
Beijing International Convention Center

Competition format

6 teams from Europe, U.S.A, Japan, China, Korea and Chinese Taipei in the competition. Each team can enter 5 players including 4 male players and 1 female player. 6 pairs with 1 male player and 1 female player for each will participate in Pair Go event.

Team :
One round each day for a total of five rounds. Time limit is 2 hours each, with five 1-minute byo-yomi periods.

Pair Go :
Two rounds each day for a total of three rounds. Time limit is 1 hour each side, with three 30-second byo-yomi periods.

Competition Schedule

Team : December 9th(Fri) – 14th(Wed)
Pair Go : December 15(Thu) – 16(fri)


*Team:170,000 USD total
*Pair Go: 30,000 USD total

Team :
Champion  80,000 USD
Runner-up  40,000 USD
Number 3  20,000 USD
Number 4  10,000 USD
Number 5  10,000 USD
Number 6  10,000 USD

Pair Go :
Champion  12,000 USD
Runner-up    6,000 USD
Number 3     4,000 USD
Number 4     4,000 USD
Number 5     2,000 USD
Number 6     2,000 USD

Live Relay is from here

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