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Pandanet will present "Teaching Go Online" to 90 Pandanet users!

Christian Pop
Christian Pop
Cornel Burzo
Cornel Burzo
Ion Florescu
Ion Florescu

We are pleased to announce that three very strong players from Europe, Cornel Burzo, Ion Florescu and Cristian Pop, are going to teach Go for Pandanet users. Every month from September to November, 30 users (10 users for each teacher—90 users in total) can take an Internet Go lesson for free!

Apply for the November Lessons

Note: There was an error on the registration page. If you tried to register to the November lessons between October 17th and October 19th, please do it again now.
Condition of application
  • Being a Pandanet user
  • Being a well-manner player
  • (Please play on the latest version of GoPanda or Panda-Tetsuki.)
How to take a lesson
  1. Apply from the application form below. (The deadline for November is Novmeber 2nd, GMT time)
  2. Pandanet will email the winners by November 8th. (If you don’t receive any emails by November 8th, it means you are not selected this time.)
  3. We will inform the winners of the date, time and teacher. (You cannot select a teacher.)
  4. The game time is 45 minutes for playing and 15 minutes for review. (If you don’t log in by the designated time, the time loss will be deducted from your playing time. If you are late more than 20 minutes, you cannot take the lesson.)
  5. The review will be conducted by the chat function.
Nov 9 (Wed) 6:00 GMT 8:30 GMT 11:30 GMT 14:00 GMT
Nov 16 (Wed) 6:00 GMT 8:30 GMT 11:30 GMT 14:00 GMT
Nov 30 (Wed) 6:00 GMT 8:30 GMT 11:30 GMT 14:00 GMT

Note that the times are in GMT, please make sure to check the correct time where you live.

Apply for the November Lessons

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