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The 41st Meijin title

The 41st Meijin title is broadcast live on GoPanda2 client.

Champion is Iyama Yuta Meijin. The challenger is Takao Shinji 9p. The match is best of seven games, so four wins are required to secure the title.

The Meijin tournament is organized by Asahi Newspaper Co., Ltd.

How to watch

  • The first game : August 30th (Tue) and 31th (Wed).
    Takao Shinji won, B+Resign.
  • The second game: September 14th (Wed) and 15th (Thu).
    Takao Shinji won, W+Resign.
  • The third game: September 20th (Tue) and 21st (Wed).
    Takao Shinji won, B+Resign.
  • The fourth game: October 4th (Tue) and 5th (Wed).
    Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The fifth game: October 12th (Wed) and 13th (Thu).
    Iyama Yuta won, W+3.5.
  • The sixth game: October 26th (Wed) and 27th (Thu).
    Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The seventh game: November 2nd (Wed) and 3rd (Thu).
    Takao Shinji won, W+2.5.

Takao Shinji Won the Meijin title!

All rounds start at 09:00 (Japan Time), i.e., 02:00 CEST. The time limit is eight hours each.

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