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59th European Go Congress report

The 59th European Go Congress was held in Liberec, Cz. Republic a touristic city located in the north of the country close to the border with Germany and Poland and it was probably the biggest European Go event as it gathered more than 900 participants from 44 countries with over 700 players attending the main event.

For more details about the venue please see

Like every Go Congress the European Go Championship was one of the most important tournaments organized here and this year EGF implemented a new system ( decide the winner of the European Go title who was Fan Hui 2p from France.

Besides the European Go Championship there were many side events taking place in the 2 weeks of the Go Congress:
The Main tournament won by Wang Zheming 3p

The Rapid tournament won by Chan,Yi-Tien 7d

The Lightning tournament won by Kim Young-Sam 7d

The 9×9 tournament won by Chan Yi-Tien 7d×9/playoffs

Omikron Rengo European Championship won by Surma-Frejlak-Domanski

The Beer Tournament won by Karaerkek Kerem 2d

The Children tournament won by Mezin Savva 5kyu

The Ladies tournament won by Sun Sai 5d

The Weekend tournament won by Kim Young-Sam 7d

The Pairgo tournament won by Gong/Qiu 5d

The Veterans tournament won by Mizuuchi Chihiro 4d

The Team tournament won by Ze?t Riddle

13×13 tournament won by Sun Sai 3d×13/playoffs

Just before the European Go Congress the 5th edition of
Pandanet Go European Team Championship finals was held in Liberec as well on july 24-25th 2015

The winner of the team championship this season was France

For photos about the congress you can visit the official site at

Let’s hope all the players had a great time and good games during the stay in Liberec, Czech Republic and will look forward for the next European Go Congress. Till then see you online on Pandanet-IGS for training games.

Written by Cornel Burzo

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