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Big Jubango - Lee Sedol 9p vs Gu Li 9p

Two of the world’s top Go players – Lee Sedol 9p (Korea) and Gu Li 9p (China) – will be playing a jubango throughout 2014.
Both Lee and Gu were born in 1983, and became pros in 1995.
Pandanet is broadcasting live all 10 games !

Live broadcast  
Game 8 (Chongqing)
September 28 (Sun) 1:00am (GMT) / 10:00am local time
Lee Sedol 9p  -  Gu Li 9p
GoPanda2(Ver.2.3.0) or Panda-Tetsuki is required to watch the games.
GoPanda2 for PC  -  Download (free)
Panda-Tetsuki for iOS and android  -  Download (free)
You can watch the moves only on Panda-Tetsuki. If you want to enjoy the commentary by Myungwan Kim 9p, please download GoPanda2.
Outline of Big Jubango
  • Sponsor MLily will award the first player to win six games with 5 million RMB (approximately 820,000 USD).
  • The other player will receive a consolation prize of 200,000 RMB (approximately 33,000 USD).
  • If the score is tied 5-5, the prize will be split without a tie-breaker.
  • The time allowance is hour hours, plus five minutes of thinking time, to be used in one-minute units. minutes.
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Lee Sedol 6  :  Gu Li 2

Game 1: January 26, in Beijing – Lee Sedol B+R
Game 2: February 23, in Shanghai – Lee Sedol W+1.5
Game 3: March 30, in Chengdu, Sichuan – Gu Li W+R
Game 4: April 27, in Korea – Gu Li B+R
Game 5: May 25, in Shangri-La, Yunnan – Lee Sedol B+R
Game 6: July 27, in Liuan, Anhui – Lee Sedol W+R
Game 7: August 31, in Lhasa – Lee Sedol B+R
Game 8: September 28, in Chongqing – Lee Sedol W+2.5

Winner : Lee Sedol

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