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61st Oza Title Match

The match for the 61st Oza title starts on October 24th.

Defending champion is Iyama Yuta Oza. and challenger is Cho U 9p. The match is best of five games, so three wins are required to secure the title.

How to watch

  • The first game: October 24 (Thu).
    Iyama Yuta won, W+Resign.
  • The second game: November 19 (The).
    Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The third game: November 21 (Thu).
    Cho U won, B+Resign.
  • The fourth game: December 2 (Mon).
    Iyama Yuta won, B+Resign.
  • The fifth game: December 12 (The).

Iyama Yuta kept the Oza title!

All rounds starts at 10:00 (Japan Time), i.e., 02:00 CEST. The time limit is three hours each.

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