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The 13th Cho Chikun(25th Honinbo) Cup


The following players have managed to become a “Finisher” so far:

Finishers Date Finishers Date Finishers Date
k58961367 July 29 nagaya August 1 NakaaraiM August 2
kiyosi1113 August 3 s1949103 August 4 Earl August 4
tosiaki August 5 gorira1 August 5 redpepper August 5
nm2403 August 5 ken77 August 6 kyasuke August 6
miya555 August 6 itirou1212 August 7 Marron August 7
torahana August 7 vrg1947 August 7 minotam August 8
JK2843 August 8 moriyoshi August 9 stoshio104 August 9
Mae August 9 PLUTO August 10 dragonfly2 August 10
HisashiS August 10 hyogo1938 August 10 SEIHOU August 10
Kusu August 11 attu1130 August 11 M1091 August 11
KUROKAWA23 August 11 momot August 12 SK211 August 12
sakamoto19 August 12 raulk August 12 sugatyan August 12
jyonkona August 12 icc479 August 13 D1 August 13
mokuhazusi August 13 sukesan7 August 13 maki17 August 13
silk5 August 13 na3311 August 14 takeshi101 August 14
cfg80230 August 14 Miwao August 14 h5y4 August 14
sam8843 August 14 th63033 August 15 kurikuri3 August 15
tnk3 August 15 yseta4444 August 15 tutuji0428 August 15
toshiusa August 15 nmrk2624 August 15 pulsar August 16
yodogawa88 August 16 Tajima August 16 H194310 August 16
st1101 August 17 tatukii August 17 hirikinago August 17
gorimuchu August 17 H195041 August 17 kurobuta August 17
TOSANOKAMI August 17 ka0330sf August 17 donguri2 August 17
gogotai50 August 18 Charle70 August 18 MAMOCHAN August 18
ryoken August 18 a4750 August 18 Natsuko August 18
hamacha August 19 m123456789 August 19 sgo8125 August 19
koubun04 August 19 yg4772 August 19 sekitei August 19
t0134 August 19 canl August 19 daiaka August 19
Danndann August 20 kyotetsu55 August 20 kta35 August 20
kazuo331y August 20 xipayahagi August 20 MOosuka August 20
ktms04 August 20 VPshunt August 21 tosy24 August 21
TH0804 August 21 Turbo15 August 22 kkuni August 22
FRKW August 22 wistaria August 22 Mafu August 23
yoshisgw August 23 ezaty August 23 oinagaki August 23
ISSAC2 August 24 niboshi August 24 tenarai August 24
etizen August 24 sayo August 24 k766t August 24
ArcherN August 24 joh August 24 nh2225 August 24
t0089 August 25 titi0919 August 25 kxj19k August 25
yaku August 25 kuribaya August 25 poko August 25
mattyi226 August 25 vela August 26 mimatu August 26
igu80607 August 26 yuma56 August 26 fujisawa August 27
masa241 August 27 mikiko720 August 27 koch0109 August 27
saruaberi August 27 renzo August 28 Bunchan August 28
RitsHue August 28 n700123 August 29 Ryohta2000 August 29
S4187 August 29 TIKE1 August 29 Golucky August 29
Steinbach August 30 Noruh August 30 yamagata August 30
kerochan August 30 syu2 August 31 shoji9089 August 31
pineland August 31 ARA0407 August 31 gotanosiku August 31
ak5155 August 31


Cho Chikun
Cho Chikun
Matsumoto Takehisa and Tsuruyama Atsushi
Matsumoto Takehisa and Tsuruyama Atsushi

The popular event 42.195 Marathon Championship was well received so we organize it again this year. You have 42 days and 19.5 hours to play your games.

The head referee of the event is Cho Chikun(25th Honinbo), who has devoted himself to the spread of the game of Go.

Tournament Outline

Special Cooperation:
Japan Pair Go Association
Head Judge:
Cho Chikun (25th Honinbo)
Matsumoto Takehisa 7P, Tsuruyama Atsushi 7P
Tournament Period:
42 days and 19.5 hours: From Saturday, July 20th 2013, 24:00 to Saturday August 31st 2013, 19:30 (Japanese time)

Registration Period

Registration Period:
From Friday, July 1st until Monday, July 19th (Fri), 2013
How to register:
Fill out the information required on the registration page
registration page
Entry Fee:
Free of charge
Eligibility for participation:
All Pandanet members

Tournament Rules

The following games will not be counted:

  • A game which was not started or finished within the designated period
  • A game which was interrupted due to disconnection by both players
  • A game played on other than 19×19 board
  • A game played against Robot (Robot’s user ID is Robot??)
  • A game which does not meet the following time requirement:
    1. Pandanet style: at least 5 minutes for 25 moves
    2. Byoyomi style: at least 20 seconds per move
    3. No Byoyomi: at least 30 minutes for one game
  • A game with less than 40 moves
  • A game which Organizing Committee considered to be inappropriate

Please note that the tournament is not for competing the speed of Go. From the view point of manner, the winning percentage must be at least 30%.

Games during the tournament period are also reflected on your rating. The Organizer Committee reserves the right to disqualify any players who is excessively discourteous to other players.


We call participants who earned 300 points “Finisher”. The IDs of all finishers will be listed on Pandanet web site. We will issue a certificate to all finishers, which you can see on the Pandanet web.

Three people selected in a drawing among finishers will receive a diploma signed by Cho Chikun.

Ten people selected in a drawing among finishers will receive an Internet Go lesson by professionals Matsumoto Takehisa, 7 dan or Tsuruyama Atsushi, 7 dan.

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