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Final Round of the Championship Leagues

This week the final league games of the Pandanet Go European Team Championship League C will be held. This will complete the 30 players league rounds, with the Bordeaux finals and the play-offs for league places left.

There were many teams fighting for the Bordeaux finals. In the top League A four teams – France, Czechia, Germany and Hungary – were very close to get the last place in the finals. As it happened, Hungary joins Romania, Russia and Ukraine in the Bordeaux finals, while Finland and Poland will fight for the last League A place. Serbia is gathering force in League B the next year.

In the League B Sweden won the promotion and Spain got demoted. Croatia will meet the second team from the League C in the play-off.

The League C top places are also closely contested with Switzerland, Slovakia and Turkey all in the running. Tuesday 7th June will see the final showdown with the League C matches.

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League A – the 9th and the Last Round

Netherlands vs. Russia Tue 24 May 1 – 3
Finland vs. Serbia Tue 24 May 2 – 2
Hungary vs. Ukraine Tue 24 May 3 – 1
Czechia vs. Romania Tue 24 May 1 – 3
France vs. Germany Tue 24 May 2 – 2

Pairings in League A – Round 9

League B – the 9th and the Last Round

Poland vs. Sweden Tue 17 May 3 – 1
Israel vs. Denmark Tue 17 May 2 – 2
United Kingdom vs. Spain Tue 17 May 3 – 1
Slovenia vs. Austria Tue 17 May 0 – 4
Croatia vs. Belgium Tue 17 May 2 – 2

Results and games in League B – Round 9

League C – the 9th and the Last Round

Switzerland vs. Luxembourg Tue 7 June 2 – 2
Turkey vs. Italy Tue 7 June 2 – 2
Cyprus vs. Bosnia and Herzegovina Tue 7 June 1 – 2 (pending)
Portugal vs. Ireland Tue 7 June 3 – 1
Bulgaria vs. Slovakia Tue 7 June 0 – 4

Pairings in League C – Round 9