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AGA City League 2014

Greater Washington

1: I-Han Lui (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: GWCaptain
  • Rank: 6 dan

Eric Lui

2: Eric Lui

  • Pandanet account: heisenberg
  • Go career: Eric Lui achieved amateur one dan at the age of 6. He first represented the US internationally in Seoul, Korea one year later. To date, he has had about a dozen international representations to the World Youth Go Championship, WAGC, Korean Prime Minister Cup, World Student Go Oza, Pair Go, and the Samsung Cup. Eric's most notable Go accolades include the highest-ever US finish in the 2011 WAGC (3rd place), and runner-up in the 2010 North American Ing Masters Tournament. Eric currently lives in Maryland.
  • Rank: 1 dan professional

Jie Li

3: Jie Li

  • Pandanet account: jdl
  • Go career: Jie Li has represented the United States nearly a dozen times in top international invitational championships, and has won 11 North American titles, 7 U.S. national titles, and 13 regional titles. Though not holding a professional certificate, he is one of the strongest go players in the United States, playing at an equal level with many American professionals and has earned the all-time-most North American and US titles combined.
  • Rank: 9 dan

Yuan Zhou

4: Yuan Zhou

  • Pandanet account: yzhou
  • Go career: Yuan Zhou (American Go Association 7 dan) was born in Tianjin, China. His father taught him to play Go at the age of six. In 1989 Zhou immigrated to the USA and joined the American Go Association (AGA). Zhou was the president of the University of Maryland Go club and won 30 US Go titles. Zhou represented USA in international tournaments many times (WAGC, Korea Prime Minister Cup, World Pair Go Championship, etc). In addition to his competitive successes, Zhou has became a popular teacher and lecturer, frequently giving lectures and teaching lessons at various Go clubs in the Eastern US region. He has also published many books at Slate & Shell ( Zhou resides near Washington DC, USA.
  • Rank: 7 dan

5: Daniel Chou

  • Pandanet account: dchou
  • Rank: 6 dan