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AGA City League 2016

Canwa Vancouver 1

1: Cathy (Chen Shuo) Li (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: tigercathy
  • Rank: 1 dan professional

2: Hanchen Zhang

  • Pandanet account: Magician96
  • Rank: 1 dan professional

Ryan Li

3: Ryan Li

  • Pandanet account: CrazyWind
  • Go career: Ryan started to learn Go at age 5. In 2015, Ryan became professional in the 3rd AGA professional qualification tournament. Ryan represented North America in numerous occasions, including the IMSA (International Mind Sport Association) Elite Mind Games, Samsung Cup, and Mlily World Go Open. Ryan defeated two-time world champion Chen Yaoye 9p in the 3rd Mlily World Go Open and advanced to the final 16 players. Ryan is currently a PhD candidate at Yale University with primary focus on tropical clouds in climate change.
  • Rank: 1 dan professional

4: Tianyu (Bill) Lin

  • Pandanet account: billlin
  • Rank: 8 dan

5: Juyong Koh

  • Pandanet account: vango7
  • Rank: 8 dan