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AGA City League 2016

Boston 4

Mike Sherman

1: Mike Sherman (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: mikito
  • Go career: I started playing Go when i was 14 in my friends high school club. After freshman year i ran the Go club for 3 years. I play on and off and for a long time was mainly self taught. When im not in school i continue to pick up and study Go. Currently im in school.
  • Rank: 2 kyu

Ke Lu

2: Ke Lu

  • Pandanet account: kelu
  • Go career: I played turn-based Go and won 3 titles at OGS ( I organized 4 Boston Open and 3 US-Canada team tournaments. I am teaching Go at Newton Chinese School. I edited almost all Go tournament entries in Chinese Wikipedia.
  • Rank: 5 dan

Junxiang Chen

3: Junxiang Chen

  • Pandanet account: chenjxiang
  • Go career: I am a PhD candidate in computer engineering at Northeastern University. I've been playing Go since I was in high school.
  • Rank: 4 dan

William Luff

4: William Luff

  • Pandanet account: wluff
  • Go career: I've been playing Go since October of 2007. I've played Go in numerous countries across the globe and have enjoyed making many friends through playing.
  • Rank: 4 dan

Milan Mladenovic

5: Milan Mladenovic

  • Pandanet account: milanm
  • Go career: Love teaching and playing Go and Chess. Aiming for 1d AGA by Go Congress 2016!
  • Rank: 3 kyu