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AGA City League 2016

Boston 3

Neil Ritter

1: Neil Ritter (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: drazi
  • Go career: Neuroscience graduate student at Brandeis University. Spend a lot of my free time playing, organizing, and hanging out with the Boston Go community.
  • Rank: 4 kyu

Chenchen Luo

2: Chenchen Luo

  • Pandanet account: dreamy
  • Go career: PhD student in Physics at MIT. I love playing Go with friends, and surprisingly play more often in the US than in China lol.
  • Rank: 3 dan

Matthew Hershberger

3: Matthew Hershberger

  • Pandanet account: MonkeyKing
  • Go career: Matthew Hershberger is a longtime Go player and organizer from New York, now living in Boston. He was manager of the New York Go Center and director of the 2014 US Go Congress in New York City.
  • Rank: 4 dan

Audrey Wang

4: Audrey Wang

  • Pandanet account: mq4ever
  • Go career: Born as a daughter of a high Dan professional, I had a mixed feelings about go. That's why I have always been 4d for 10 years and I'm very embarrassed about it. After marrying a go manic, I started to like go again and I hope I can improve.
  • Rank: 4 dan

Dan Steinbrook

5: Dan Steinbrook

  • Pandanet account: Undertaker
  • Go career: Dan Steinbrook is 25 years old. His interests include math, movies, fishing, and of course go. He discovered the game two years ago when a friend taught him the rules and has been playing ever since.
  • Rank: 1 dan