Pandanet IGS Pandanet

AGA City League 2016

Atlanta 1

1: Wei Zhou (Captain)

  • Pandanet account: -
  • Rank: 6 dan

Brandon Zhou

2: Brandon Zhou

  • Pandanet account: Brandon1z
  • Go career: Brandon is the US representative for the 31st World Youth ING Go Championship at Malaysia in 2014. He also won the silver medal at LIFE International GO Meeting for Children at Osaka Japan in 2015. He placed second in the DieHard Tournament at the US GO Congress in 2015.
  • Rank: 6 dan

3: Feijun Luo

  • Pandanet account: seektruth
  • Rank: 6 dan

4: Ge Wang

  • Pandanet account: Topgun
  • Rank: 5 dan

Dalan Robertson

5: Dalan Robertson

  • Pandanet account: Dalan
  • Go career: I have been playing since winter 2009. My accomplishments so far include steadily raising my rank during my time playing. I enjoy going over professional games and studying the endgame.
  • Rank: 3 dan