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New York City team wins the Pandanet AGA City League Finals

The New York City team swept all three games against the Greater Washington team in the finals at the US Go Congress on Saturday. Ryan Li 1p def Tim Song 1p on Board 1, Hanchen Zhang 1p def Eric Lui 1p on Board 2, Stephanie Yin 1p def Yuan Zhou 7d on Board 3. New York City and Greater Washington were playing each other in the finals for the second year and for the second consecutive year New York City shut out Greater Washington, which has been in the finals for five of the seven years of the tournament. The full results for this tournament can be found on the Pandanet site . Game records are linked above.

TD Steve Colburn presents trophy to the New York City Team: Hanchen Zhang 1p, Ryan li 1p, and Stephanie Yin 1p

The Greater Washington Team: Eric Lui 1p, Tim Song 1p, Yuan Zhou 7d