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Pandanet AGA City League Finals and Winners

This Saturday will feature the Pandanet AGA City League Finals between New York City and Greater Washington. They will be playing LIVE from the US Go Congress in Madison,Wisconsin at 3pm CST. Find the game on Pandanet in the AGA City League rooms under the accounts AGACL1-3.

There will be a Pandanet AGA City League Meeting during Go Congress on July 18 from 5-6PM in the Humanities 1641 room.

The full list of winners for the City League are
A League:
Winner = New York City
Second = Greater Washington
Third = Waterloo 1
Fourth = Boston
Fifth = Toronto
B League:
Winner = Bay Area
Second = Raleigh
Third = Seattle 1
Fourth = Waterloo 2
C League:
Winner = Cincinati
Second = New York City 2