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AGA City League Finals and Winners

The Pandanet AGA City League Finals are fast approaching. It will be played on August 5th at 3pm at the US Go Congress. These matches will be broadcast on Pandanet LIVE at 3PM PST. The top board will be reviewed live on YouTube by Jennie Shen 2p and Andrew Jackson 4d. The winner of this match will receive the Pandanet AGA City League Trophy and $5000 in winnings.

Greater Washington will face the defending champions Canwa Vancouver 1. Canwa Vancouver has won the trophy twice and Greater Washington has been in the finals for three years.
Board 1: Matthew Hu 1p vs Tim Song 1p
Board 2: Ryan Li 1p vs Eric Lui 1p
Board 3: Bill Lin 7d vs Yuan Zhou 7d

All of the teams have been spectacular this year and there are many good games that have been played. This has been another amazing year and I congratulate all who played. The full list of winners are,

A League
Third = Boston
Fourth = Seattle 1
Fifth = Bay Area
B League:
Winner = NY City
Second = Chicago
Third = Wash DC 1
Fourth = SF 1
C League:
Winner = Syracuse
Second = Ottawa 2
D League
Winner = Cincinnati
Second = New Mexico