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City League Round 3 Results

A League
Boston def San Francisco (2-1), Seattle 1 def Canwa Vancouver (2-1), Los Angeles def Greater Washington (2-1)

LA currently leading with 6 points. Greater Washington and Boston just behind them with 4 points each.

B League
Princeton def Bay Area (2-1)
Still ongoing: NC Raleigh vs Canwa Vancouver 2, Katy TX 1 vs Washington DC 2

Princeton Leading with 6 points, Bay Area trailing with 4 points. Games still ongoing.

C League
Boston 2 def Atlanta (2-1), DC Team 3 def New Orleans (2-1), SF Bay Area/Berkley def Atlanta 1 (2-1)

Berkley leads with 6 points. DC Team 3 in second place with 4 points.