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City League Results Round 4

A League
Los Angeles Def Toronto (3-0), Seattle 1 def Boston (2-1), Canwa Vancouver 1 def Greater Washington (2-1)

B League
Washington DC 1 def NC Raleigh (2-1), San Francisco 1 def Chicago (2-1), New York City def Washington DC 2 (3-0)

C League
West Tennessee/Memphis def Katy TX 2 (2-1), Brentwood/Nashville def Seattle 2 (3-0), Katy TX 1 def Lincoln (2-1), Canwa Vancouver 2 def Central New York/Syracuse (3-0)

After four rounds Canwa Vancouver 1 is leading the A League. Hot on their heels are Seattle 1 and Greater Washington with one match behind. May’s final matches will decide which two teams will meet at the Pandanet City League Finals in New York City at the US Go Congress.

New York City is leading Chicago by one board point in League B. As they have already played each other they will be neck in neck in the final round of play.

The teams in the C League were closer matched before this round. Now Katy TX 1 has come way out ahead in their matches. Katy TX 2 and Memphis are in the 2-3 seed respectively. With three more rounds to go the lineup could change a lot before the end.