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Pandanet AGA City League Restarts on January 25th

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The new series of games will restart shortly. We have 18 teams of players ranging from professionals to 12kyu players in our midst. Leagues A & B will have five rounds and League C will have seven.

The game schedule will be once per month as the schedule says.

The Leagues and cities are as follows:

League A:
Los Angeles, Boston, Greater Washington, Canwa Vancouver 1, Seattle 1

League B:
Washington DC 1, , Raleigh, Washington DC 2, San Francisco, New York City

League C:
Memphis, Seattle 2, Katy 1, Canwa Vancouver 2, Brentwood/Nashville, Lincoln, Syracuse, Katy 2

The first round will start on January 25 at 3PM EST, 12PM PST.