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Greater Washington & Toronto Lead Pandanet-AGA City Leagues; Round 8 Set for Sunday

The Pandanet-AGA City Leagues A & B will play round 8 on Sunday June 16th. For the A League Greater Washington is just edging out the team from Los Angeles by one board point. Both teams have 8 points all together and records of 4-2. Los Angeles will play New York City, Greater Washington will play Boston, and Seattle will play Vancouver. With the field so strong in the league at this point Boston could come out and challenge LA and GW for the top slot. . In the B League Toronto has come out with a strong record and is leading the league with San Francisco hot on their tails. Toronto has 10 points and a record of 5-1 and San Francisco with 8 points and a record of 4-2. Southern California will take on the leading San Francisco in a tough matchup. Massachusetts will play Washington DC and Toronto will play Montreal. It will be exciting to see if Toronto will gain another win to stay on top of the standings or will there be a tight playoff the last two rounds to see who the winner is.

Rounds will be played on IGS at 2PM on June 16th. As always the most up to date standings are found on the to your right.