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Pandanet Youth Go European Teams Champonships

After 10 successful seasons of European Youth Go Team Championships/Competition, organized by Marc Oliver Rieger and Lorenz Trippel, the European Go Federation is starting a new youth team tournament series, very much alike Pandanet Go European Team Championships.

There are two major differences between the “new” and the “old” format:
(1) teams will be national teams (no combined teams)
(2) players must be citizens of the country they represent (no residents without citizenship)

There are a few minor differences in team compositions:
(1) all players must be younger than 18 on 1st January of corresponding season
(2) first three boards are open to all players of the team
(3) board four is reserved for a female player
(4) board five is reserved for a player younger than 12 on 1st January of corresponding season

The default playing day will be Wednesday, to avoid any conflicts with other competitions (including live weekend tournaments).

The face-to-face video link between players is mandatory just like in the PGETC League A Season 2023/2024.

The team leaders are required to collect GDPR statements from a parent/guardian responsible for a minor, allowing a child to participate in an online tournament, accepting the rules.

League A
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Ukraine 6 18 4-0-2 8
2 Romania 6 18 3-0-3 6
3 UK 6 11 3-0-3 6
4 Croatia 6 13 2-0-4 4
League B
# Team G BP W-D-L P
1 Germany 6 22 6-0-0 12
2 France 6 13 2-0-4 4
3 Poland 6 13 2-0-4 4
4 Turkey 6 12 2-0-4 4