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Rules for the Pandanet Go Latin American Team Championship

1 Overview:

National teams participating:

1 Argentina
2 Brasil
3 Chile
4 Colombia
5 Costa Rica
6 Ecuador
7 Guatemala
8 Mexico
9 Peru
10 Venezuela

(3) The PGLATC is a round robin tournament played in a 10 teams league
(4) Two final teams (6 players total) in the league get to play an over the board final sponsored by Pandanet in the country that gets chosen as host of the Ibero American Go Championship in 2017.
(5) The winner gets the title “Latin American Team Champion”
(6) The yearly season starts in november and ends in may next year following this 9 round schedule (all days are sunday):

November 20, 2016
December 11, 2016
January 29, 2017
February 12, 2017
March 5, 2017
March 26, 2017
April 23, 2017
May 14, 2017
June 4, 2017

Final Round ≈ October 2017

2 Organization:

(1) Participating teams shall be countries affiliated to the Ibero American Go Federation (except Spain and Portugal) and players affiliated to their respective national associations.
(2) National teams-must be built at the beginning of a season and should be presented by each team captain to the league manager no later than October 16th. Player Bios and photos included.
(3) Team Captain- Represents the team at all the instances of the tournament.
(4) League Manager- In charge of gathering the results reported by the team captains and deliver them to the webmaster for publishing. Also responsible for resolving any dispute that arises during the league and for monitoring scheduled games.
(5) Webmaster- In charge of presenting the results of the tournament and other information on the webpage.

3 Teams

(1) Teams are national teams. Their name is the name of the country they represent.
(2) A team is formed by at least 5 players and maximum 8 players plus a team captain (which can be a player also). The teams members can’t change throughout the league.
(3) All players must be citizens of the country they represent.
(4) Each round 3 players are to be chosen from the team to play the match.
(5) Each team captain shall inform the league manager at least a week before the match the final 3 players list for it to be published in the webpage.
(6) The players of the team must be presented to the league manager by each team captain at the beginning of the season no later that October 16th.
(7) All team members shall play at least one game during the season. Teams that don’t follow this rule won’t be eligible to play the final over the board round.

4 Playing on the internet

(1) All games are to be played on the Panadanet IGS Server in the LatinAmTeamChamps room
(2) All games are to be played with 45 minutes main time plus 5 times 30 seconds byo-yomi for both players. Nigiri in all games. 6.5 komi for white.
(3) Games with incorrect time settings shall not be taken into account and both players will be declared loosers.
(4) There will be a 30 minutes tolerance for the players to arrive, if not they will lose by forfeit.
(5) )If any difference during a game arises the team captains shall be the first to agree a solution, if this is impossible the league manager shall be the one to resolve.
(6) If a player gets disconnected from the server 3 times or for more than 10 minutes he will loose the game by forfeit. The winning player shall report this situation immediately to its team captain.

5 Arranging the match

(1) Team matches shall take place at 19:00 hrs UTC -6
(2) Both team captains get in contact latest 10 days before the planned date published at the beginning of the season, to confirm the default date and start-time.
(3) On Monday of each game week, team captains must inform the league manager of the arranged time and final 3 players list so it can be published by the webmaster.
(4) In case that teams can’t meet at the planned date, they are allowed to play the match at most 7 day earlier, informing the league manager at least 7 days before the planned date.
(5) All 3 games of a team match shall take place at the same time.

6 Playing the match

(1) The match starts with contact of the team captains confirming the names of the players. The captains have the right to change their announced team composition at the start of the match.
(2) The match is played on 3 boards.
(3) It is possible to play a match with at least 2 players but it shall incur in a penalty.
(4) Within the 24 hours after the match, the team leader of the winning team has to report the result to the league manager. Including the names of the players of both teams.

7 Scoring

(1) The team that wins 2 boards gets one match point (MP) while the looser gets zero. If neither team shows up no MP si given.
(2) Each team gets for a won game a board point (BP) and zero BP for loosing the game.
(3) The league table shall be ordered by the following scores: MP, BP, BPs at board 1 and so on.
(4) Penalty of one BP lose will be given when one of the 3 players of a team is absent from the match.

8 Organization

(1) Team Captains

Venezuela Alvaro Tirado
Argentina Luciano Salerno
Colombia Felipe Moreno
México Vladimiro González
Chile Ignacio Iglesis
Perú David Meza
Ecuador Oswaldo Moreano
Brasil Gabriel Makio
Guatemala José Romero
Costa Rica Luis Cajiao

(2) League manager

Mexico Emil García

(3) Webmaster

Peru Leon Ríos

8 Detailed schedule

Round 1
Chile vs Brasil, Ecuador vs Venezuela, Guatemala vs Colombia, Argentina vs Peru, Costa Rica vs Mexico

Round 2
Chile vs Peru, Ecuador vs Colombia, Brasil vs Venezuela, Costa Rica vs Guatemala, Argentina vs México

Round 3
Ecuador vs Costa Rica, Argentina vs Guatemala, Peru vs Mexico, Chile vs Venezuela, Brasil vs Colombia

Round 4
Colombia vs Venezuela, México vs Chile, Argentina vs Ecuador, Peru vs Guatemala, Brasil vs Costa Rica

Round 5
Brasil vs Argentina, Costa Rica vs Venezuela, México vs Guatemala, Chile vs Colombia, Peru vs Ecuador

Round 6
Argentina vs Venezuela, Brasil vs Peru, Colombia vs Costa Rica, Ecuador vs México, Chile vs Guatemala

Round 7
Ecuador vs Guatemala, Argentina vs Colombia, Peru vs Venezuela, Brasil vs Mexico, Chile vs Costa Rica

Round 8
Mexico vs Venezuela, Brasil vs Guatemala, Argentina vs Costa Rica, Chile vs Ecuador, Colombia vs Peru

Round 9
Chile vs Argentina, Costa Rica vs Peru, Guatemala vs Venezuela, Ecuador vs Brasil, México vs Colombia

# Team G BP W-L P
1 Mexico 9 20 8-1 8
2 Venezuela 9 18 8-1 8
3 Chile 9 20 7-2 7
4 Colombia 9 17 6-3 6
5 Brazil 9 14 5-4 5
6 Argentina 9 16 4-5 4
7 Peru 9 12 4-5 4
8 Costa Rica 9 10 2-7 2
9 Ecuador 9 6 1-8 1
10 Guatemala 9 2 0-9 0