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GoPanda is a powerful client for IGS Panda Net that allows you to play, observe, and communicate with other players on IGS. GoPanda is also a full featured SGF editor that allows you to review and edit games. GoPanda supports reading and writing in both the standard 4 and older SGF standards, and reading UGF and XML games. GoPanda is written in Java and is available for UNIX, Linux, OS X, OS/2 and Windows operating systems.

Download GoPanda

Get GoPanda here:

GoPanda for Java Webstart

To start it, you will need a recent Java Webstart, which is available with Java here:

It is currently in development, so it might not be completely stable.
If you find any bugs, please e-mail them to

To play on IGS, you need to register an account.

11 Jul 12 01:21:38

GoPanda2 Released!

Following the positive reception of the initial testing phase of the preview, we now release the first official version of GoPanda 2. It features lots of smaller improvements, some design changes but most importantly a completely new review mode that allows you to watch, create or discuss game reviews on IGS. See details on the GoPanda2 Page .

You can continue to help us by reporting any bugs you find to Thank you, and enjoy using GoPanda2!

02 Apr 12 23:02:21

GoPanda2 - Tester's Preview Released!

We are pleased to announce that a preview of GoPanda2 is available for testing now.
It features a complete redesign and runs in your browser. We felt that improving the old client didn’t take us were we wanted, so we decided to rewrite large parts of it. We strived for a much cleaner interface, a homogeneous design and a better overall experience. It took us a while, but we believe the results are worth the wait. Let us know what you think!
Please direct your ideas, praise and criticism to .

We will publish all information regarding the development on GoPanda2 here:
GoPanda2 Page

21 Nov 10 04:47:51

Major update in the F.A.Q.

The F.A.Q. has been updated with a lot of information on rooms, playing on igs, the chat system and the procedure for the Pandanet Go European Team Championship. The match system got a lot easier, so check the section Setting up a game there for the new procedure.

12 Mar 11 21:22:52

Large update for the client incoming

We are pleased to announce that we are getting closer to the first “officially stable” release of GoPanda. While still being tested internally at the moment, it will soon be available for public testing. Once that is completed, we will update the official version. We will post a detailed changelog and a link to the tester version once it is available.

Stay tuned!

12 Mar 11 21:16:06

Contact Address Back Up

Our contact address is back up. Our Mail server didn’t recover correctly after an outage of our server, which went unnoticed for some time. We apologize for the down time, and are looking forward to your e-mails!