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Round 2 of Team Championship - League B

At last every game of the second round has been played, the players having defeated even the IGS server mantineance. Let’s see what happened!

Switzerland 0 – 4 Finland
Another defeat for Switzerland, but they had a very rough draw, with Israel and Finland in the first two rounds. Finland beat everyone senseless again. Will Belgium, their next opponent, be able to stop the Finnish Steamrollers?

Slovakia 0 – 4 Serbia
The score doesn’t tell us the whole truth. Slovakia did rather well, as two of the games were very close; I’d recommend especially game 2 between Maros Kral (Svk) and Nikola Mitic (Srb).

Denmark 1 – 3 Israel
Israel reminded us to be a strong contender for promotion and to have one of the strongest players of the league. Jabarin’s kill on board 1 was rather spectacular (at least for a 3 kyu player).

Belgium 2 – 2 Slovenia
Slovenia dominated the two lower tables, but it proved not to be enough. Another strong performance by the two top Belgian players.

United Kingdom 2 – 2 Austria
The games on boards 3 and 4 were interrupted by the IGS server mantineance. Schayan Hamrah (Aut) decided to resign his game without resuming it; instead, Alex Selby (UK) and J├╝rgen Suntinger (Aut) went on to play a complex game decided by time and ko battles.

Here you can find the pairings, games, and complete results.