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Top League First Round

The top league of the 2nd Pandanet Go European Team Championship starts this week on Tuesday. The fight for the top positions starts 19:00 Central European Summer Time with Czechia vs. Russia, the other matches start at 20:00 CEST.

Login to Pandanet IGS and join the room 36 to observer the games. The team matches are listed below, for individual pairings see: League A, Round 1

Round 1 Tue 20th Sep 2011

19:00 / 21:00 Czechia vs. Russia
21:00 / 20:00 Romania vs. Netherlands
21:00 / 20:00 Ukraine vs. France
20:00 Hungary vs. Sweden
20:00 Germany vs. Poland

Times in local times.

The 2nd Pandanet Go European Team Championship had a little slow start last week when several teams from League C were still missing. Turkey beat Ireland and Italy beat Bulgaria. For other teams there’ll be some work to do to catch up with the schedule