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10th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Starts in October

It is already the 10th season! The 10th Pandanet Go European Team Championship will start in October and we expect to have the same 37 teams, League A with 10 teams, League B with 10, League C with 8 and League D with 9.

League A: France, Russia, Ukraine, Romania, Hungary, Czechia, Israel, Poland, Austria and Germany.

League B: Serbia, Italy, Belgium, Sweden, Turkey, Netherlands, UK, Switzerland, Lithuania and Finland

League C: Norway, Denmark, Croatia, Slovakia, Slovenia, South Africa, Ireland and Greece

League D: Iceland, Spain, Belarus, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Georgia, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Morocco

The pairing/schedule will be published by September 23 and the leagues will start October 1 with Leagues A and B, October 8 with Leagues C and D.

This is also a call to all countries to send their team roster by September 22.