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The 9th Pandanet Go European Team Championship

The 9th Pandanet Go European Team Championship will start soon. We
expect to have 37 teams, League A with 10 teams, League B with 10,
League C with 8 and League D with 9.

League A: Russia, France, Ukraine, Poland, Romania, Czechia, Israel,
Hungary, Italy and Germany.

League A Manager is Flavien Aubelle.

League B: Serbia, UK, Netherlands, Austria, Switzerland, Norway,
Sweden, Turkey, Denmark and Belgium

League B Manager is Michal Zubalik.

League C: Lithuania, Finland, Slovakia, Spain, South Africa, Croatia,
Slovenia and Greece

League C Manager is Amir Fragman.

League D: Georgia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus, Belarus, Ireland,
Morocco, Kazakhstan and Iceland

League D Manager is Janez Janza.

The schedule will be sent out 20 or 21 September and the leagues will start in the
beginning of October (2 Oct).

The teams are requested to form their team by 25 September, and
each player is requested to send an acknowledgement that they follow the rule of
fair play and don’t use any outside help (computer or any other
assistant) in their PGETC games and accept the decisions announced by
the PGETC Arbitration Board.