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Finals and Qualification Games

League fights have ended for this season, the remaining games are the deciding matches between league borderline teams and the grand finals in the European Go Congress 2017 Oberhof, Germany.

The top teams qualified for the Pandanet Go European Team Championship Finals 2017 are: Russia, Ukraine, Romania and Hungary. The previous finalists France and Czechia missed out in the close competition. The finals will be played in Oberhof, on Friday 21st and Saturday 22nd July 2017.

This year Finland will drop out from the League A to the League B and Poland will join the League A as the winner of the League B. Germany and Italy will play the A/B deciding match 30th May on Pandanet IGS.

The leagues B, C and D will change in size as the number of participating countries is getting bigger and bigger. This will create some special circumstances for the qualification for B, C and D. This year’s two bottom teams in the League B – Slovakia and Croatia – will drop out to the League C directly, and the third one – Belgium – will play a deciding match with the League C winner Norway.

Iceland will move to the League D and the teams of Slovenia and Georgia will play the deciding match about the place in the League C. In the next season, a new country will join the 8th Pandanet Go European Team Championship and the League D.

Qualification games May 30 on Pandanet IGS
Germany-Italy (League A/B)
Belgium-Norway (League B/C)
Slovenia-Georgia (League C/D)

Finals July 21-22 in Oberhof (broadcast of top boards on Pandanet IGS)

Next season, the 8th PGETC will start forming in August 2017.