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7th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Warm-up

The 7th Pandanet Go European Team Championship will start soon. We expect to have now 36 teams, League A with 10 teams, League B with 12 teams and Leagues C and D with 7 teams each.

League A
Ukraine, Russia, France, Romania, Czechia, Germany, Serbia, Finland, Israel and Hungary

League B
Sweden, Netherlands, Poland, Slovakia, United Kingdom, Austria, Italy, Belgium, Turkey, Denmark, Croatia and Switzerland

League C
Spain, Norway, Lithuania, Bulgaria, Slovenia, South Africa and Iceland

League D
Ireland, Portugal, Greece, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Belarus and Georgia

It is tough that the League C was unpreceded split in two but it is nice to see the Pandanet Go European Team Championship grow and new countries come in. Welcome Belarus and Georgia!

All teams are expected to send in their team lineup by September 10th 2016. The schedule and the pairings for the season will be published around September 15th and the first round with League B games starts on Tuesday, September 20th. League A start September 27th while League C and League D games will start October 4th.