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The 6th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Starts

This Tuesday September 15th 2015 is already the first round of the 6th Pandanet Go European Team Championship, season 2015-2016. The European Team Championship has 34 countries participating, League A with 10 teams, League B and C with 12 teams.

League A
France, Ukraine, Czechia, Romania, Russia, Netherlands, Finland, Serbia, Germany and Sweden

League B
Poland, Hungary, Israel, Austria, Denmark, Norway, Turkey, Belgium, Slovakia, Italy, United Kingdom, Switzerland

League C
Slovenia, South Africa, Bulgaria, Lithuania, Croatia, Spain, Ireland, Cyprus, Iceland, Portugal, Kazakhstan, Greece

The schedule and the pairings for the season

Login to the IGS/Pandanet and follow the League B games on Tuesday, September 15th. League C games are played on Tuesday 22nd and League A games will start on Tuesday 29th.