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5th Pandanet Go European Team Championship 2014-2015

We already enter the 5th Pandanet Go European Team Championship season 2014-2015. The format will be the same: League games played on the Pandanet IGS and the finals in the EGC 2015 in Liberec, Czechia. There will be 34 countries participating, a new record!

We will have 10 teams in League A: Russia, Czechia, France, Ukraine, Romania, Finland, Sweden, Serbia, Netherlands and Poland.

League B will have 12 teams (last year’s runner-ups were lucky this time): Hungary, Israel, Germany, Slovakia, Austria, Denmark, Belgium, Norway, Turkey, Italy, Slovenia and Switzerland.

League C will have 12 teams: Spain, Ireland, United Kingdom, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Iceland, Greece, Lithuania and South Africa. Welcome Lithuania and South Africa!

We are now waiting for the teams to register by September 1st.

The schedule and the pairings for the season will be sent out September 1st and the first round (probably League B) will commence on Tuesday, September 9th.