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Promotion/relegation Matches

The 4th Pandanet Go European Team Championship leagues have finished and the last changes in the league places will be fought in the relegation games on Tuesday 3rd June.

Ukraine, Czechia, Russia and France earned their places in the finals. Congratulations and good luck in the European Go Congress in Romania.

The Netherlands is coming back to the league A, the 5th season starting autumn 2014. Hungary and Poland will resolve the last league A place in a five-board match this Tuesday. Israel unluckily dropped from the league A to the league B.

Turkey took a promotion to the league B with an impressive five point gap to the next in the league C. Italy and Switzerland still need to play for the league B place. Slovenia will patiently collect some speed from the league C next season.

The matches on Tuesday 3rd June 2014, 20:00 CEST, your local IGS/Pandanet server

Hungary vs. Poland
Italy vs. Switzerland