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4th Pandanet Go European Team Championship Starting

The 4th Pandanet Go European Team Championship is starting shortly. This season we have a record number of 32 teams, including the new entries from Greece and Iceland (Welcome!). League C is quite busy with 12 teams and they will be starting the games first, in 17th September.

The games schedule is quite lively, every Tuesday there’ll be games on Pandanet/IGS – excepting the major tournament overlaps and holiday seasons.

The leagues and countries are the following:

League A
Czechia, Russia, Ukraine, Hungary, France, Romania, Serbia, Sweden, Finland and Israel.

League B
Austria, Germany, Netherlands, Belgium, Norway, Denmark, Poland, Italy, Slovakia and Slovenia.

League C
Switzerland, United Kingdom, Turkey, Ireland, Spain, Croatia, Bulgaria, Portugal, Cyprus, Kazakhstan, Greece and Iceland.

The 1st round: League C 17 Sep, League A 24 Sep and League B 1 Oct 2013.