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Finals of the European Team Championships

The finals of the 3rd Pandanet Go European Team Championships is being played at EGC in Poland from July 26 to July 27.

Two game of each round will be broadcasted live on Pandanet. Look for userids Teamchamp1 and Teamchamp2.

Round 1, Friday, July 26th, 20:15 CET

1. Ilya Shikshin (Russia, black) vs. Csaba Mero (Hungary, white)
2. Alexander Dinerstein (Russia, white) vs. Pal Balogh (Hungary, black)

Round 2, Saturday, July 27th, 10:15 CET

1. Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine), 7 dan vs. Ilya Shikshin (Russia), 7 dan

Round 3, Saturday, July 27th, 14:15 CET

1. Csaba Mero (Hungary), 6d vs. Artem Kachanovskyi (Ukraine), 7 dan
2. Ondrej Silt (Czeckia), 6d vs. Ilya Shikshin (Russia), 7 dan