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Final Rounds

The last rounds of the season 2012/2013 Pandanet Go European Team Championship will be played in the coming three Tuesdays. League A will play the final round on the eve of May Day (sorry about that) and the results will decide the fourth qualifier for the PGETC top four finals. Hungary, Serbia, France and Romania surely play their matches with a great determination. It’s not easier among the bottom three, only one of the countries Sweden, Israel or Germany will sail to the next year’s League A, while another one plays a play-off and the third one drops down to League B.

League B will play on Tuesday 7th May and the top three – Finland, Austria and the Netherlands – know what’s required. At the other end, Italy, Switzerland and UK have some unresolved business as well.
And which country or countries will be promoted from the League C – Slovakia, Slovenia or Turkey? Tuesday 14th May will answer that question for the top country.

Join us at IGS Pandanet, most games will be played on 20:00 CEST and for exceptions, see each league schedule. Today on Monday 29th April, 20:00 CEST boards 4 of Germany-France and Hungary-Czechia will be played.