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Happy Holidays!

The first four rounds are now complete and the teams are resting over the Christmas and New Year time. The autumn season was full of hard fought games and the new GoPanda 2 client also got its real-tournament tests along the way.

League A is still very close – the top three teams have 6 points but anything can happen in the 2013 half of the season. It is remarkable though that the current top three are the same as in the last season finals – Russia, Czechia and Ukraine.

League B is so far controlled by Austria and Finland, no points given away yet. Belgium, Netherlands and Norway are still in the competition though.

League C is lead by Slovakia, Turkey following with one point less. The middle range of the league is very even and during the last five rounds the race is wide open.

Merry Christmas and Happy New Year! See you on Tuesday 8th January!