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Invitatition to Teams

To: European Team Championship Teams,

The 3rd Pandanet Go European Team Championship will start soon, the first rounds to be played in September 2012. The previous two years have been very successful and the finals hard-fought and exciting. The format will be the same: League games played on the Pandanet IGS and the finals in the EGC 2013 in Olsztyn, Poland. We heartily invite all the teams to join the 3rd season 2012-2013.

The first step is to confirm your country participation in the league by Friday 31st August 2012.

League A: Russia, Czechia, Ukraine, France, Romania, Germany, Sweden, Hungary, Serbia, Israel

League B: Netherlands, Poland, Finland, Belgium, UK, Austria, Denmark, Switzerland, Norway, Italy

League C: Slovakia, Slovenia, Ireland, Turkey, Cyprus, Bulgaria, Kazakhstan, Portugal, Spain, Croatia

Send the confirmation email as a reply to the email sent 22nd August to your country contact.

Your team lineup with the players’ name, rank and Pandanet account name is required by Sunday 9th September 2012.

The pairings for the season will be sent out 10th September and the first round (probably League A) will commence on Tuesday 18th September.

Wishing for a prompt reply,

Vesa Laatikainen, Project Leader
3rd Pandanet Go European Team Championship