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Russia Wins Close Contest for the 2nd Pandanet Go European Team Championship Cup

The finals of the European Team Championship 2011/2012 edition were an exciting contest all the way to the last finished game. After initial draws on the first round, Ukraine beat France in the second round. The third round in the Sunday evening was going to be decisive: Ukraine, Russia and Czechia all striving for the top place.

Czechia won France 3-1, which wasn’t enough when Russia beat Ukraine with the similar score 3-1. The tiebreakers – match points, board points, mutual score – being all equal, the decisive fourth tiebreaker – league A position – brought the win to Russia and the second place for Czechia. Also, the decisive game between Ukrainian Artem Kachanovskyj and Russian Ilya Shikshin was the final game to finish and only the win by Ilya guaranteed the top place.

All results in the Finals page. The games will be uploaded when collected together.