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European Team Championship Finals 21st and 22nd July 2012

The 2nd Pandanet Go European Championship will culminate in the final matches of the best four teams in 2011/2012 League A. The games will take place in the European Go Congress 2012 in Bad Godesberg, Bonn, Germany, on the first Saturday 21st July and the Sunday evening 22nd July. Teams from Russia, Ukraine, Czechia and France will resolve the championship in three rounds.

The tournament site is the Parksaal of the Bad Godesberg Municipal Hall. The opening ceremony will be held 10.15 am and the schedule for the rounds is listed below. Two games for each round will be broadcast by EuroGoTV in Pandanet-IGS. There will be also professional commentary for each game at the tournament premises. The commentators are Ms. Li Ting 1 dan (Kansai Ki-in) and Yoon Young-sun 8 dan (Hankuk Kiwon).

Round 1 – Sat 21 July 2012 10:30 CEST
Russia – France 2-2
Ukraine – Czechia 2-2

Round 2 – Sat 21 July 2012 14:30 CEST
Czechia – Russia 2-2
France – Ukraine 0-4

Round 3 – Sun 22 July 2012 18:30 CEST
Russia – Ukraine
Czechia – France

For the live broadcast, see the EuroGoTV accounts on Pandanet-IGS and for the results and recorded games the Finals page.

The players for each team are following (four players each round, one reserve player):

Ilya Shikshin
Alexandre Dinerchtein
Dmitrij Surin
Oleg Mezhov
Alexey Lazarev

Artem Kachanovskyj
Dmytro Bogatskyy
Andrij Kravec
Bohdan Zhurakovskyy
Dmytro Jacenko

Ondrej Silt
Jan Simara
Jan Hora
Jan Prokop
Lukas Podpera

Thomas Debarre
Remi Campagnie
Benjamin Papazoglou
Frederic Donzet
Antoine Fenech